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Apr 14, 09 11:56 AM
Frequently Asked Questions
Mar 29, 09 6:29 AM
Guild Update
Feb 27, 09 3:24 AM
dps or healer/dps healer/tank leveling strat
Feb 7, 09 12:07 PM
Ozmagawd Super Money Bowl 2009
Feb 7, 09 11:18 AM
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Welcome to Cutthroat's Guild site!

We are the self proclaimed greatest guild of all time. We are currently a young guild and looking for more warriors to expand our ranks.

I hope that you enjoy your stay and thank you again for choosing Cutthroat, your home for all things bloody.

For an invite please post in the recruitment thread or send a tell to myself or a guild officer in game. Happy Hunting!


p.s. please register and everyone give big thanks to Kaiserwulf for helping with the website domain name.


surpriseboobs, Apr 14, 09 11:56 AM.
Yes thats right, our tremendous skills and my smooth talking got us into the Hydra Alliance so great job everyone your hard work and effort has payed off for us.

Two quick things:

1. please behave yourselves when speaking in alliance chat. You are now not only representing cutthroat but the entire alliance as well so plz be on your best behavior. I am the first to joke and kid around just remember your attitude reflects our alliance.

2. We will now be using the Hydra Aliliance vent on a daily basis. We will keep our vent for emergencies or officer/guild discussions and meetings but I want everyone to use this new alliance vent as much as possible. For one it lets us get closer to and know our allies better and develop a repor <sp?> with them plus it lets them know we are here to play and open to cooperation.

So grab the info off the guild profile tab and go make some new friends.

Not to sound authoritarian, but I am serious about this alliance. Anyone found creating drama or problems within the alliance will be dealt with swiftly and justly so please behave.

Thank you all, u have been doing such a great job as of late, keep it up!!!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

surpriseboobs, Mar 29, 09 6:29 AM.
So I have been seeing a few things asked many times by different people in guild chat and instead of answering the same question 10 times I'd answer some stuff here.

"Why is Cutthroat so awesome?"
-Because we are ninjas, born of blood and murder, quick to slash and cut, break and smash............all while holding a beer of course.

"Why is there a guild tax? How does it benefit me?"
-Guild taxes are small amounts of money taken out of some monster loot cash that goes directly to the guild vault. This money is used to pay directly for the claiming of keeps which cost a few gold, standards which also could 2g a piece, rams, cannons and such for rvr, and future guild events.

"Where is the guild Vault, whats in there?"
-In Inevitable City, the Chaos Capital, just southwest of the main circle. You should see the little green and white guild shield symbol on your map. The contents can vary, including items/armor, potions, crafting mats, and always talismans.

"How can I donate stuff I don't need?"
-At the Auction Hall in Inevitable city you can create auctions that can be viewed and bought by guild members only. To do this change the posting option of unrestricted to guild only. Voila

"Where's the Viper's pit what's in there"
-IC Southeast of the flight path it has every vendor known to man. Like 8 renown gear merchants and a nice crafting merchant that sells things usual crafting merchants dont, like lvl 25 seeds which benefitted me as well as mats to make +skill crafting pots.

"What are these standards and how can I hold one of these sweet flags?"
-They are badass flags that give great buffs to 32 players when deployed or planted. They cost 2g and can be bought from a quartermaster at any rvr ccamp or the vendor inside the Viper Pit. They also grant bufflike abilities, similar to what zealot give which are pretty cool. The catch is we have only 2 people that cna carry the flag at a time.

Guild Update

surpriseboobs, Feb 27, 09 3:24 AM.
Howdy friends couple quick things:

1. great job on the leveling keep it up

2. everyone can invite to the guild, so go invite more cool people, if they are over level 10 and dont instantly leave send me (Meddic) a mail message with the recruits name and I will give you a signing bonus in cash money!

3. the guild vault has random goodies feel free to use them just dont abuse them!

4. We are looking for some more officers, if you are interested please post in the forums.

happy hunting

dps or healer/dps healer/tank leveling strat

surpriseboobs, Feb 7, 09 12:07 PM.
i put a lame little guide in the gallery section telling you guys how dps can get twice, tree times, or even four times as much xp as other people in Sc, most of you are already aware of the strat I'm sure but it has been working great for me and just wanted to share what I've found in case anyone else is interested. Check it out!


Ozmagawd Super Money Bowl 2009

surpriseboobs, Feb 7, 09 11:18 AM.
Hey there................want to make a ton of gold?

Are you poor? Well you are in luck, Ozmagawd, one of higher level guildies very generously donated 500 gold to the guild. I know right, what a cool dude.

Anyhooters, you guys may post in the forums and vote on what you think the money should be used for.

Myself and other officers had the idea of doing a guild hide and seek event, all levels welcome, where I would hide somewhere in a tier 1 zone and for example the first person to find me would receive 150g, next guy 100 gold and so on, depending on what kind of turnout we have. We will make it so that every single person who participates will get some money, so no 1 will be missing out!

Which brings us to the next important issue, please sign up on the website and post in the forums under hide and seek times and let us know when is best for you. I want to make it so that as many people that would like to participate can. I am excited are you??????? the first annual Ozmagawd Super Money Bowl 2009 don't miss it!

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