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The Silver Hand
New Leadership
Jun 3, 09 9:43 AM
Feb 20, 09 7:51 PM
Guild Update: Roster Clean Up cont.
Feb 8, 09 11:17 PM
Guild Update: Roster Clean Up
Jan 31, 09 4:51 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jan 24, 09 12:18 AM
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It's time for war

Welcome to The Silver Hand! Thank You for visiting, as you can tell the site is currently under construction. So take a min to register and we can get the show ont he road. Thank you and have a nice day!


New Leadership

Illbeth, Jun 3, 09 9:43 AM.
As you have all noticed The Silverhand has be graciously passed on to me. I am grateful that Loo has thought enough of me to give me this honor. As you all will see some changes in guild ( they come with any change in leadership) my goals are the same for silverhand as they always were. I want to see Silverhand active in all teirs. I want to help our late 30's toons get to forty and geared for LV and later for the new content. It's a lot of work. But it can all be done because we have amazing officers that simply want to help and have fun! I am grateful for there support and insights.

Please feel free to send me new ideas that you think will help the guild. I will consider all ideas and make judgements based on what I and my officers feel is best for Silverhand as a whole.

ImmelynaThelostone, Feb 20, 09 7:51 PM.
Bastion Stairs Grind

There will be farming of Bastion Stairs PQ's every night we will be doing this until noone is getting upgrades anymore.

We will rotate paths each night, to try and keep things fresh and so that everyone has a chance for different gear.

If you want to complete your Blood Lord gear set this is the zone you need to be in.

Guild Update: Roster Clean Up cont.

Loocretia_BW, Feb 8, 09 11:17 PM.
Roster Clean up has went off as planned and a graet improvement has been noticed in the amount of xp the guild in earning. The clean up will now be an on going policy if a member is inactive for 2 mths.

The last thing we want is for some one to get their feelings hurt or be kicked unfairly. It's understood if you have some real life issues that keep you away, just let an officer or myself know and it will be noted.

If by some chance, you have a toon kicked by accident, it's no biggie. Just let some one know and they will be happily returned to the guild. 

Guild Update: Roster Clean Up

Erdric13, Jan 31, 09 4:51 PM.
Any player that has been inactive since November and December will be removed from the guild unless it has the appropriate Alt title to it. If one of your alts has the wrong title associated with it, please contact an officer or higher rank to fix it so that it is not kicked from the guild.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Kawikid, Jan 24, 09 12:18 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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