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Voting Polls
Poll Question Close Date
What's your favorite Cataclysm raid? Winner: "Dragon Soul (LFR rules)" 4 weeks, 1153 days ago
Is Mists of Pandaria the end of WoW for you? Winner: "No, I'm excited for Kung Fu Pandas." 4 weeks, 1436 days ago
Most likely to interrupt a raid: Winner: "Mathea making a dirty joke." 4 weeks, 1443 days ago
How would you descirbe Hirg? Winner: "Kam is back and just doesn't talk so we don't know it's her." 4 weeks, 1513 days ago
How do you like to PvP? Winner: "As Horde on a different server!" 4 weeks, 1513 days ago
Would you be interested in some guild FL trash groups on off nights or during the days? Winner: "Yes!" 4 weeks, 1530 days ago
Would you rather listen to Jaina whine about Arthas or be stuck in a raid with Colgann? Winner: "Raid with Colgann, he's the most interesting paladin in the world!" 4 weeks, 1688 days ago
Will Arralyn finish her crocheting in time? Winner: "Haha he said croch!" 4 weeks, 1688 days ago
If we did a guild event Saturday afternoon it would be? Winner: "Rated BGs!" 4 weeks, 1688 days ago
2 + 2 = ? Winner: "Colgann failing!" 4 weeks, 1688 days ago
What is your favorite Cataclysm heroic? Winner: "Halls of Origination" 4 weeks, 1719 days ago
Colgann is a.... Winner: "Brand of toothpaste!" 4 weeks, 1731 days ago
Who's really behind Vik's dps? Winner: "The chickens, those things are LEET!" 4 weeks, 1732 days ago
Who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco? Winner: "The grilled cheese would win in a fair fight but the taco would win with prison rules!" 4 weeks, 1732 days ago
Do you prefer 10 or 25 man raiding? Winner: "10-man" 4 weeks, 1925 days ago
Which type of PvP do you prefer: Winner: "It's for sissies!" 4 weeks, 1925 days ago
Why is the rum gone? Winner: "We had rum? AND I MISSED THIS!" 4 weeks, 1925 days ago
Which instance has been your favorite in WotLK so far? Winner: "ICC" 4 weeks, 1937 days ago
How do you intend to purchase the "Cataclysm" expansion? Winner: "Pre-order and pickup the day of release." 4 weeks, 1974 days ago
If you were going to create a Worgen, what class would they be? Winner: "Druid" 4 weeks, 1974 days ago
If you plan to make a Goblin character, which is the first class you will create? Winner: "Rogue" 4 weeks, 1974 days ago
Who should sing the guild theme song from now on, whenever necessary, of all the currently active officers? Winner: "Arralyn" 4 weeks, 1974 days ago
The officers have debated how to handle progression raids (ICC) and non progression raids (ToC). Should people with the best performance get priority over others? Winner: "Yes: Top Performers Should get priority so we can make the most progress." 4 weeks, 2093 days ago
Which has been your favorite 10-man instance this thus far? Winner: "Trial of the Champions" 4 weeks, 2202 days ago
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