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RL and the need for it :)
Apr 21, 09 5:32 AM
25 Man Naxx
Apr 20, 09 4:01 AM
Apr 20, 09 3:46 AM
Mar 18, 09 3:51 AM
Keep on...keeping on :)
Mar 7, 09 2:38 AM
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RL and the need for it :)

Actrox, Apr 21, 09 5:32 AM.
As you may or may not know, I have been playing WoW since Feb 2006. It has
been a great time, and Actrox has been my main from day one. I've seen a lot of content and experienced tremendous fun with this game. But, this game has however, drawn me away from things that matters a lot to me, and has taken up to much of my time in the past.

So firstly, i would like to say, i will be "swapping"

For this:

Now, dont get me wrong. I will for sure be playing WoW, and still for a while. What is going to happen though, is when i play wow, every second of it will be fun. Yes if i feel like raiding, and i do sign up, i will commit 100% to that raid. But i am not going to farm rep and mats and kill myself, so that i take 100less damage in a raid.

I am also going to enjoy the PVP aspect of the game a bit more, especially since my class has had some nice buffs in ARMS.

I have had some highlights in my WoW career. One such time was when i entered The molten core at level 60.

And then soon after..........

But i must say, at the moment im enjoying the game the most i have in ages, and im in a guild that compliments my style of play. So to some up, ill be taking things slower, by enjoying every moment of play.
Cya online

25 Man Naxx

Orchun, Apr 20, 09 4:01 AM.
Congratulations to all DKoD members that went into 25 man naxx on Saturday!
it took 4 hours but we cleared two Quarters and a few of us got away with some gear as well :P (Gratz Gur on your T7.5 Shoulders) 

it got off to a bit of a shaky start with a few misshaps on the invites from their side but it turned out fine and we did extremely well clearing the first two quarters. 

We also got a compliment from the Gm of Legioneers of Azeroth for being on time, polite and generally well behaved - which unfortunately was not quite the case with their guild, them having a few misunderstandings and mishaps within the guild but they have promised to sort it out and they want to form an allegiance or partnership with us - for the 25 man naxx runs to make it a regular thing. 

Our first run on Saturday gave us a basic idea of how they operate- and there are a few things we will need changed and sorted out with them (especially the looting rules) but in general it looks like this partnership may work and we could get some 25 man naxx runs going. 

Please guys - Vent is an absolute must for these runs. 


Orchun, Apr 20, 09 3:46 AM.
Well i wonder how many peeps are actually gonna read this - actrox i know you will - ye old faithful lol.

basically we have come to find that trying to accommodate everyones schedule for a naxx run doesent always seem to work out - seeing as we are a family guild and all it is rather difficult. 

now also namibia has a one hour time difference makes it even more difficult for raids to happen during the week. 

some of you have gone out there these past few weeks and pugged the naxx runs and cleared it - so now we have a few more peeps with a better idea of what is ahead of us in naxx.

Koggel now has the key to malygos - we can now make an attempt on him and of course theres the new raid Ulduar which has opened up to us.

seeing as naxx and Ulduar are rather long runs - we would like to do those on the weekends - where peeps have more time and are less stressed from work and also dont need to go to bed too early. 

we understand that some might be gone for the weekend - that is no problem - there will always be another time.

basically what we are going to do is the following: there will be a dedicated time for naxx run. (we will keep it at just a nax run for now - to see whether we have enough dedication for the time being for one raid at least) and we will send out invites to those that are ready for malygos for sometime during the week (it is a short run) and we when we have enough dedictaion and committed players we can do an attempt on ulduar. i for one am itching to see what ulduar is about :) but it is futile to attempt that if we havent even cleared naxx yet.

SO. we are gonna send out invites for naxx runs for friday nights - with a carry on either saturday or sunday. those that cannot make it we will have to pug the spot out for that run. this is the only way we are gonna get things going. 
if chubs and i cant make it - you guys need to carry on and run it - pug our spots out - it is unfortunately one of those things - however just because we cant make it doesent mean to say the rest of the group shouldnt run...this way we will never get anywhere. Just because the spot was pugged does not mean you will lose your spot - there will be another chance the next week. 

Running 1-2 hours during the week doesent work either - as we need peeps to be prepared to be there for the naxx run for at least 3-4 hours. Naxx is not a quick Jobbie. 

Please also peeps - it is up to you to get yourselves pots/flasks and food - these will not always be provided for you. each toon should have his/her own stash. Also we would like everybody to be logged on at least 15 minutes before Raid Invites are supposed to start. and to be on time. 

Deadly Boss Mods (or bigwigs/little wigs) / Decursive / Diamond Threat Meter (or omen) are must haves. 

to those that can decurse/ dispell diseases / remove poison etc - decursive is an ABSOLUTE MUST if we want to make it past Heigan / the dance. the trick to the dance is not only dancing - it is decursing/removing the debuff which reduces stamina by 50 % and ticks off 1 k damage per second. even mages should have decursive. it is very easy to use and comes in very very handy. 


Orchun, Mar 18, 09 3:51 AM.
for the life of me - i cannot figure out how to put pics onto the webpage...
i had this problem before - perhaps act would be so kind as to explain how i can put pics onto webpage ??

Keep on...keeping on :)

Actrox, Mar 7, 09 2:38 AM.
Another week of raiding, and we keep getting better. We cleared the first qauter in 1hour, (Only because my DSL reset for 10minutes) and we downed the first boss of the Plague qauter. Now we finally get to dance.

It was late and we tried the dance a few times, and i think everyone now understands how it works.

Tired we went out for a quick VoA as we had Wintergrasp and we were buffed. We downed him quickly. All and all a great week of raiding.

Please everyone go and see the Dance video on youtube, and read up on the last boss of the second qauter. We will down them both next week.

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