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This Is Why We Play
Killing Time

Under Construction

During the start of Wrath of the Lich King, the Raiding Guild known as Killing Time locked its doors and cried out all the evils, slackers and dimwits in a corner. Reorganisation happened, people got killed, streets were filled with the stench of a million fleeing 'tards. Killing Time was now; <Procrastination>, a WotLK leveling Guild.

But now, <Killing Time> has returned! Evil, begone! Noobs, away! Retards, nay!
We're back for more raiding action and we want you! ...No, not you. The guy behind you. Yes. Yes, you sir! We want you!

Kills in 10-mans:
* Sartharion
* Naxxramas
* Archavon (lol)

Kills in 20-mans:
* Sartharion
* Naxxramas - Arachnid Quarter
* Naxxramas - Plague Quarter
* Naxxramas - Construct Quarter (Thaddius left. Lagfest hooooo.)
* Archavon (kek)

Killing Time is a casualcore Raid Guild with some sort of sense of humour, usually consisting of easy-to-get inside jokes and innuendo. We're not ("lulz, who died to the slimes behind Patchwerk?"), actual corpseruns and/or during the explanation of Boss Tactics to the slackers.

Now, to get started properly (since some people are leveling a Death Knight, another alt or are making us believe they have some sort of life) we'll need people. Moar people than we already have.

We needs:
- Priests (As long as you can Mind Control and swing a mean PW:F)
- Some sort of Warlock. Whatever. We need Healthstones and a Summon Bot and no other class can do that.

- You're a mature player.
- You're the class we're looking for.
- You have a decent sense of humour and can take the occasional innuendo or joking poke.
- Fun is the first on your list ingame next to one of those shiny purplz.
- You're not a complete retard.

Then we're definitly looking for you!
Hop down to and write yourself a neat application! \o/

Feels good, man. - Mio




Killing Time is currently recruiting the following:
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