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Welcome to Eve of Apocalypse.  This Firetree guild is dedicated to the many overwhelming aspects of World of Warcraft for the benefit of players new and old. 

Vandhal, the GM, is creating this guild to help make the social aspect of WOW integrate with the experience so that the motivation to play will grow.  He also started this guild because as a year veteran of the game, he has dealt with leveling a character up to 70 (pre-wrath), most of which was on his own because many players were too busy with their dailies, raids and professions to be bothered helping anyone below the level cap.

The point of this guild is to offer you an easier way to learn the ropes, while training you to play your best and recruiting other casual but serious (when the time is right) players, so that we all can maximize our experience.

To eliminate guildchat spam and conflict, all members must apply to become a member and be approved.  While you are not expected to know the game in-and-out, you are expected to at least understand the very basics, etiquette for playing and generally accepted social behaviour as pertains to a group of mixed culture/age/gender.  Frankly, you never know who you are playing with, and should treat all people equally because the game is not fun where there is drama and bitterness.

Guild Basics:

GM:  Vandhal- Blood Elf Priest, experienced to 74 on a Resto Druid

(the guild is in the basic recruiting phaze, so more members will be added later).


Officers:  To be an officer of the guild you must have a higher level toon on any server.  Higher is preferred at 70+.  You must have a class that you are going to dedicate to.  We will have 1 officer spot for each class.  Officers (as well as the GM) will be expected to dedicate 1 hour a week to running a guild instance for newer players, or players needing help.  This will be scheduled by the officer and noted in the calendar.  This will help ensure that members are learning how to play their class, in a group, and that we are all playing together to become a great guild.

Member:  This is a promotion granted to a player who (a) is with the guild for 30+ days and/ or (b) has shown that they can play on a general level as well as someone who proves that they are a contributor to the guild.

Recruit:  This is the first rank of the guild.  As a recruit, you have no access to the guild resources unless given by another member for good reason.  Your tenure with the guild depends upon you liking it and the members being able to get along with you.  You are expected to take this time to review the guild information and resource notes to get up to speed on the higher level basics of the game.  Please remember that a guild is not a place to get excessive free runs, free things, money or related.  If this is your philosophy, then you will likely not be promoted or even retained for the trial period.

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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