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Band of Brothers
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Welcome to The Band Of Brothers website!

We will be Implementing new Guild Ranks shortly as follows:

1) Recruit - New member of The Band of Brothers; All new members  hold this rank for 1 week. This is a probation period in which a newcomer can decide if this guild is a good fit for her/him or in which we can decide if the newcomer is a good fit for us. Recruits become Members if they decide to stay after 1 week.

2) Member - Established player in The Band Of Brothers; Members can be re-titled as Soldiers.

3) Soldier - Soldiers are members who have proven themselves as competent contributors to TBOB raids, as defined here: New Thread: Soldier Rank Defined. Please note Soldiers are not superior to Members, the rank's purpose is solely classification.

4) Lieutenant - A lieutenant holds the first rank of leadership in the guild. They are nominated for their helpfulness to the rest of the guild and participation in multiple guild activities. Lieutenants can be promoted to the rank of Field General, if they show a talent and do so desire to conduct activities consisting of more than 5 members at a time.

5) Field General - Commonly referred to as a raid leader. Field Generals conduct 10+ player content and can be promoted to General.

6) General - Seasoned Band Of Brothers officer or proven leader. Generals have either put in several months of leadership into the guild or have proven themselves to be talented leaders. Generals stand next in line to be appointed to the position of Lt. Commander.

7) Lt. Commander - See: Commander

8) Commander - Responsible for the overall operations of The Band Of Brothers. Commanders serve as structural, charismatic leaders to the guild and ensure that each aspect of the guild is monitored to maintain stability and progress.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

bandofbrothersdawnbringer, Jan 9, 09 1:35 PM.
Coming soon - We will be scheduling a Kara run soon for anyone 68+. So if you are above 60 work on getting those levels.
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