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Welcome to the Promise guild website!

Promise is a family guild on the Bertoxxulous server. We formed in December of 2008 as a group of people who simply enjoy playing the game with each other. We are a guild comprised of over 150 characters of different play styles and levels from different backgrounds and cultures. Because Promise members live all around the world, we are active around the clock. So if you are looking for a guild, but play on an odd schedule, you might find your place in Promise! (You might also like it here if you play on a regular schedule, too!)

Right now, we are helping Zebuxoruk restore order to the Void and gathering the components to make our clockwork keys and prismatic crystal charms so we can get into some of the deepest dungeons and fight some of the worst evils Norrath has ever witnessed! Many of our members are still too inexperienced to take on the evil that resides in those realms so our main focus is strengthening our younger members through small group experience and tasks. To break up the monotony of constant training, we test our skills by staging raids on old and new bosses and their minions all over Norrath and beyond. In the News section below, you can read about our achievements and defeated enemies!

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Theater of Blood ( Fireblood Down )

Leaderhipnos, Jun 2, 09 7:16 AM.


We've killed Fireblood in the Theater of Blood

Fireblood did not drop the "IV" clickie... but he has a nice 60% + Cold Cloack

Fabled Fun

Mellodeex, Mar 26, 09 8:42 PM.

We've been busy celebrating 10 years of EQ by slaughtering every fabled creature we can find! Check out our picture gallery for the whole collection of fabled mobs that have been sent to their makers.

Healers? We don't need no steenkin' healers!

Mellodeex, Feb 22, 09 11:10 PM.

With no healers online, we decided to take the opportunity to help the Norrath's Keepers with some tasks. First stop was Tirranun's Delve to take down Emoush the Destroyer. Then, we stopped by The Accursed Nest to slay some drakes before they could make a circle. Now, Kyos is the proud owner of a Disc of the Dragon Kind! We finished up in Lavaspinner's Lair where we took down Volkara. Did I mention that we didn't have any healers?

Promise kills Ture!

Mellodeex, Feb 16, 09 3:36 PM.

We had an eventful night in the Asylum of Anguish! Most importantly, we defeated Ture for the first time. It won't be long before we're getting orbs for people to complete their 2.0's!

Website goes live!

Mellodeex, Jan 8, 09 2:01 PM.

I hope this site proves to be helpful for everyone. Please make an account using the link at the top of this page so you can sign up for events and use the forums.

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