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Game News

Welcome to  Daybreak Eternal !

 <Daybreak Eternal> is a daytime raiding guild that has been started by some members of the Original Daybreak on the Quel'Dorei server.We are seeking additional players to round out our raid complement. 

 We are currently running 10 and 25 man content from 9am to 1pm server time.

Anyone interested in joining Eternal Daybreak should post a message in the fourm and we will contact you regarding running a heroic or raid with us. You may also message Shonka, Taintedbeef, Beeblebrocks, Raya or Thwock in game if you have any questions.

Currently recruiting:

Tanks (any type)

Healers (any type)

Off-spec gear and willingness to respec a definite plus.

Guild Rules
1. If you have an issue with another member please try to resolve it in a civil manner and if you cannot refer it to an officer. You don't have to like everyone in the guild, but you do have to treat them with respect if you plan to stay with us.

2. Guild members are not allowed to pug ANY raids 10 or 25 man without prior approval of an officer.

3. The in game calendar will be used for raid scheduling. Raid times are posted on the calendar if you are late you will not recieve the EP bonus and if you are more that 30 min late your slot may be filled with another raider. If you know you cannot raid please sent an email on the website so that we do not have to wait for you.

4. Raid content will be determined daily by guild leadership based upon attendance, experience and gearing. If you choose to be on standby and recieve EP you MUST be able to fill in immediately, otherwise you will be penalized as outlined in the EPGP system. This means that you cannot be saved to the paticular raid that is going on.

5. While on Trial gear awards will be at the discretion of the officers and full members will have loot priority subject to posted loot system.

6. During raid there is one raid leader who will determine Boss sequence, strategy and pace. The raid leader may seek opinions but the decision of the raid leader is final.

7. You are responsible to ensure that you have enough potions, flasks and consumables for the raid. However feasts and a stock of emergency potions/flasks will be maintained in the guildbank and by members which will be available for use as long as materials are deposited in the guild bank.

8. Please be respectful of other guild mambers and refrain from graphic, suggestive or disrespectful language or comments in public guild channels.

9. Decisions made by guild leadership are to be respected and any differences or exceptions may be appealed to the Guild master or Assistant Guild Master.

10. We do not require any minimum raid attendance. Please try to attend as much as possible, and post in the forum if you are not going to be able to make it to a raid so that other arrangements can be made.

11. We require that you have Ventrilo, and can communicate effectively with it (i.e. have a working microphone). More importantly, we require that you listen to guild officers during raids.

13. You must have Deadly Boss Mods and some type of threat meter installed and running for raids.

14. Raids begin at 10am EST (9am server) Monday through Friday. We will not raid on Tuesdays even if the server is up. There is no set time for the raid to end, though they will not likely go past 1 or 2 pm.

15. Loot allocation is done through the EPGP system. The addon can be found here. Details on the addon and how the system works here. You do not have to have the addon in order to collect or use DKP. The addon is for the officers who will be keeping up with DKP and if you'd like to view how much you have.

16. Flasks in the guild bank are there for emergencies. Materials for high-end enchants can be withdrawn for best-in-slot item enchants (iLevel 213 or better). Other items may be withdrawn as needed, provided you are putting forth proper effort in both raiding and restocking the Guild Bank. The Guild Bank is not a personal piggy bank. Abuse of withdrawal priveleges may result in any of the following: withdrawal restrictions, removal of withdrawal priveleges, demotion, removal from guild.
Loot System

Loot Distribution

<Daybreak Eternal> will be using the EPGP system along with Loot Council (Officers and Class Leads) to distribute loot. The Loot Council will adjust gear awards based upon guild needs and the gearing necessary for further progression. Even with Loot Council the EPGP will factor heavily in the awarding of gear. You will need to install the addon in order to see your status.

The EPGP system

EPGP in one sentence computes your priority of loot (PR) as the quotient of your effort (EP) to the gear received (GP). Put in a mathematical equation PR = EP/GP. For the details on how GP is computed and further details on EPGP (decay per raid, min EP) please read the EPGP documentation found on the EPGP website.

Decay is set at 7% and Base GP to 100.

EP awards

During any raids that happen during scheduled times there will be a recurring award of 1000 EP per 15 minutes per member.



Bonus EPs for exceptional performance will be awarded by raid leaders. These bonuses will not exceed 10k EPs.

A bonus of 500 EP will be awarded for being on time and ready to raid (i.e. armor repaired, enough flasks, consumables and potions for the entirity of the raid and being at the instance portal)


If you are called for a replacement while on standby and you are found unavailable, 25k EPs will be deducted from you.


If you are on standby you receive the same EP as the rest of the raid, excluding the bonuses. You can receive standby EPs by being in the raid or by whispering your name to the raid leader on every reward.

Farming items for the guild

Farming items for the guild or otherwise helping the guild outside raiding time. It will be awarded depending on the size of the job. This will be awarded as decided by the Guild Master.

GP for Items

Items are split in three categories:
  • Mainspec: GP values are as specified on the tooltip and outlined here
  • Offspec: GP values are 10% of what is specified on the tooltip
  • Sidegrade: GP values are 10% of what is specified on the tooltip

Priority for Mainspec and Sidegrage items will be in same priority as PR. Offspec items will have strictly lower priority than Mainspec and Sidegrade. The latter means that in no case will an item for a Mainspec or Sidegrade will go for Offspec if some member of the guild needs it for Mainspec or Sidegrade.

Mounts, bags, satchels and non-performance enhancing items

Items that are not enhancing your toon for raid performance are going to be rolled to the 10 most active members of the raid. This means if a /roll 10 results to N, the Nth member sorted by EP wins the item.
Other Guild News


NinjaMcNugget, Apr 16, 09 12:52 AM.
Good job on the Flame Leviathan kill! We'll be back in there on Thursday to work on Razorscale.

Guild hierarchy changes.

NinjaMcNugget, Apr 15, 09 3:18 AM.
Due to real life constraints, Shonka will be leaving the guild. I will be acting Guild Master in his absence. From a practical standpoint, nothing will change in regards to loot, rules, policies, or anything else at this time. From a real life standpoint, we're losing a fantastic tank and a player that has been instrumental and invaluable in the development of this guild. He's also just a great guy all-around, and I hate to see him go. Best of luck to you Shonka in your future endeavours, I hope everything works out for the best!

Malygos Down

shonka, Apr 6, 09 3:02 PM.
On a day that looked like a lost day due to a lot of real life issues for our members, we ended up downing Malygos after several attempts. The folks that were there got annoyed and testy at times, but in the end we had a very clean Phase 3. Props to all those who were there for their hard work and willingness to wipe repeatedly. We will be doing him again.

NinjaMcNugget, Mar 27, 09 6:48 AM.
Guild rules updated. Also, a thread detailing the guild's specific strategies on encounters has been posted.
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