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ICC Progression
Mar 30, 10 2:22 AM
ICC 10 Man progress
Mar 15, 10 4:59 PM
25 ToC
Dec 6, 09 4:44 AM
The fall of 10 man ToC!
Nov 23, 09 6:36 PM
Naxx Run Follow-Up
Jan 9, 09 10:32 PM
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Welcome to the Antesignani Alliance Guild Website!

1st off many people ask me, "What the hell does the guild name mean?" Well in a nutshell the Antesignani were the elite Roman legionary light infantry. Generally they were sent into battle 1st to soften things up a bit and to gauge the power of the other side. They would either lay waste to the other side or would be slaughtered. (They did tend to win more than they lost LoL)

While the guild is fairly new to WoW, the core officers and myself have been together for over 3 yrs. We started together on another MMO and moved to WoW for something different. We brought with us an understanding of teamwork, cooperation, helpfulness, and most of all a willingness to learn. While I have never met any of my officers in real life I consider them all to be among my best friends.

So if you are new to the guild let me welcome you to something different than other guilds. We strive to help those in need no matter what the level or circumstance may be. If you are considering joining us all I ask from any guild member is that you always help your fellow guildmemebers when you are able. That you ask for help when you need it, and that you stand by your guildmates no matter what the odds are.

Antesignani Alliance
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ICC Progression

MuglarDS, Mar 30, 10 2:22 AM.
Tonight marked the fall of Festergut and Rotface. After serveral attempts the night before the raid made a couple comp changes and went back in fresh the next night. After reclearing the trash we stood looking at Rotface, we had a plan, we were determined. As Zepid ran into the room ready to do battle the raid adavanced. To our surprise we 1 shot him with no deaths and removed his spoils for our raid to enjoy.

Now we had Festergut in our sights, With the combined pally tanks of Zepid and Lawlessbone to keep the attention of the boss, the DPS proceeded to light him up. Then something went wrong and we were all dead in a pile. A quick regroup, rebuff, and retooling lead to a near kill but yet again another wipe. Another regroup, rebuff and this time a slight change in tactics..... leading us to victory and yet more loot to enjoy.

Professor.... well after a couple ugly attempts we decided to let the raid reset tomorrow, go in and farm out the 1st 6 bosses and get the to the professor. With any luck he will fall this week!

ICC 10 Man progress

MuglarDS, Mar 15, 10 4:59 PM.
So now that we have the 1st four bosses in ICC on farm its just a matter of time before we are face to face with the Lich King.  Progression might be slow at the moment but we are determined to get to the end before the expansion comes out. Nice job to all those that are working hard at getting it done!

25 ToC

MuglarDS, Dec 6, 09 4:44 AM.
Well Antesignani Alliance and a few awesome pugs went into ToC 25 man tonight and got to Anub'arak in a few hours of raiding. Nicely done everyone that made it for the raid and congrats on loot! Special thanks to the pugs that were there as well, untill we grow the guild a little more it wouldn't have been possible without you all.

The fall of 10 man ToC!

MuglarDS, Nov 23, 09 6:36 PM.
As of Saturday the 21st of November ATA has downed all of 10 man ToC. The newly reborn guild is off to a grand start. Gratz to all those that got some decent loot/upgrades.

Naxx Run Follow-Up

MuglarDS, Jan 9, 09 10:32 PM.
All in all not a bad 1st go. We found that the tanks are able to hold thier own and the heals can keep them alive. Just need to work on DPS numbers and overall coordination of the raid. Bottom line we all had a damn good time from what I see.
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