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Avengers of Bloodmoon
Jan 4, 09 12:33 PM
Jan 4, 09 12:30 PM
Welcome to the
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The Guild leader is Eore.  His alternates include, but are not limited to: Scongi, Finrunt, Skongi, Freeto, Wiballplaya, and Horbeiest.  Our commanding officers are: Aukus, and Henrikk.

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shadownight260, Jan 4, 09 12:33 PM.

We are a fun based guild.  We are social, helpful, and a leveling guild.  We hope to expand to be a very large and active guild.  The reason we are not up to 200members or so right now, is because we try to be sure we can handle the ones we have now and try and be sure they are active.

Aukus and Eore are the main members of the guild.  While Eore owns the guild, Aukus is just as valuable. They both help to keep the guild satisfied.  If you have any problems you should contact them.  Though we tend to be unavailable to help, we do try to. 

If you find someone in you level range you'd like to or could quest with, ask them... If they so no, it is not the end of the world.  There's normally a lot of people in the same level areas, so it shouldn't be very hard to find a friend to quest with.


shadownight260, Jan 4, 09 12:30 PM.


1- Respect your guild mates and treat them kindly.

2- Do not harass guild mates or anyone outside of the guild. (If you have been put down or made fun of by members, contact a guild leader or officer.)

3- Be honest, do not take things from the guild bank you do not need.. do not take items for your own selfish greed.  Also, do try to donate to the bank so we can use that to expand it. (We can look at the bank log and see if you took items, if we see you do not need them based on the level and otherwise, yo may be removed from the guild or demoted.)

4- Try and help, if you can, your other members with quest or anything.

5- Unfortunately, the last guild bank tab, and ranking above "Trainee" is not available to members below the level of 35.  This is to encourage you to level for the guild and to assure we don't get stolen from by low levels.

6- Guilds are fun, social, and helpful... so don't sit there and ignore members, actually participate in guild chat.

7- Last, but not least, Have a great time in the guild!
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