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Jan 7, 09 10:40 PM
Guild Bank Items!
Dec 27, 08 11:50 AM
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DJXanthus, Jan 7, 09 10:40 PM.
In preperation for future growth I have set up a new rank structure.

Founder: Me, lol, the guy that spent 10S (Consider me High Council)
High Council: The core leadership of the guild.
General: The PvP leader in the guild.
Raid Leader: Officer in charge of organizing raid events.
Officer: Member who has shown they do well to further the goals of the guild and support it's members below and above them.
Inner Circle: EXCLUSIVELY people that we know in real life who have been entrusted with officer-like status.
Member: The general membership group.
Initiate: One who seeks membership in the guild.

Important note on my view of leadership.

I do NOT lead by consensus, nor do I expect my fellow Council Members, or our officers to.  Ranking member dealing with a situation is authorized to do their best to take the best course of action for our guild, trying to be as fair as the situation allows them to be, and know that I will back you up.  That said we all do make mistakes, but I would rather have to, or have to ask someone to appologise for one than to waste time deliberating the decision in the first place.  Be fair in your choice as best you can and trust it will all work out.

I will be attaching departmental titles to High Councel members.

This is to inform the guild members of the specialities and focus of each of those on the Councel.

These will include tradeskill, raiding, PvP, leveling, recruiting, and anything else that may help get us better organized.  Councel members, please contact me if you feel you are suited to one of those jobs.

Guild Bank Items!

DJXanthus, Dec 27, 08 11:50 AM.
I see many goodies coming and going from the guild bank.  This is excellent.  Please see if there is anything you need there, and when you can please donate to our future in the form of sought after items, or coin. 

On a personal note Warlock Glyphs would be most welcome!

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