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                        Welcome to your new website: Blood Lords!

Leaders:General Matis, Commander Magus, Advisor Walkingd
Alignment: Good/Evil

Role Play Required

Guild Chat: IC (In character)
Primary Play Times: USA
Guild Premise: Millitary

Application process: Sent a letter to Magus, Matis, or Walkingd

Additional Information: Seeking heavy RPers only,Mature Players


A Elite Military unit stationed in Silvermon City at the time of the initial Scorge assault, The Blood Lords lost many of its members to the Scourge before it was no longer able to be deemed a 'fighting' force, as it casualties outnumbered its living members. Blood Lords was then charged with guarding the fallback of the kingdoms people, and once completed, the retaking of their homeland and pushing back of the scorge from the surrounding lands. 

Blood Lords remnants were steadily built back into a regiment stationed on a small isle not far from Silvermoon, where they recieved no further commands, having been under the command of the King and his generals. General Matis maintains a 'round table' command structure with his Commanders and Captains, as they honor their oath to retake their homeland from the evil that has laid siege to the lands. With no counter-orders from the king, Matis reformed the Blood Lords into a new groud force to seek revenge on the alliance and Scorge and any other enemys of the horde. this is the start of their long fight.

As the years passed, the Blood Lords has lost many, recruited more, its numbers often bolstered by the unruly, the raw-recruits, and the glory-seekers, adventurers and thieves alike hoping to gain some sense of the old 'honor' and 'glory' from Silvermoon. The new king seems content to leave the Blood Lords on their Quest, the valued veterans of the unit easily able to find place in any of the new Silvermoon military units. 

Now, The Blood Lords, while based on a small Isle, is often called upon to investigate rumors of alliance or the Scorge, and often the general himself will lead the investigations. Similarly, the general often sends out groups to search out weapons of legend, items that may help them to break the Scorge legions, any rumour is looked into thoroughly before it is discarded as falsity. It has become a unit bonded together by the horrors they have faced, and a determination to take back the lands they once cherished. They are the Blood Lords crusaders of the Horde, and they will restore the Balance back within the Horde , or die in the attempt. 

Other Guild News

Blood Lords Has a New Address!

System, Dec 20, 08 3:30 PM.
Blood Lords has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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