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Welcome to our website
   Hello All,
      First off, Guild Rules; I don't want anymore rules than necessary.

         No rude , annoying , obnoxious,  downgrading,  profane, vulgar,  
          immature, and  hateful  remarks or actions from any of our members
          to anyone in the game ( EXCEPT HORDE :D )  we are better than that.
          joking  around is cool and expected  but  humor does not translate well
          in text chat so be careful  not to upset anyone.
          I have to answer for your actions to other people at times.
          We do not have a age limit   (yet)  but we do have a maturity limit
          keep that in mind please.

        Helping others is they way we form a healthy guild, but please no begging
         for runs , gold , or promotions ,as we all pay to play this game and our
         time is our own to  use . and you get a lot more benefit from questing on
         your own and going  into instances with groups of your level     
         (you may ask one time and then a second but after that wait a hour or
         wait till   someone else is available, or find other means or if you are
         really frustrated with something whisper the Guild Leader and I will try to
         find time to help you. and I will always try  to answer questions.  'LFG' in
         guild chat is okay just try not to spam it too much )
        Try not to spam guild chat , AND NO PROFANITY as it is to
         contact  other members, keep in touch or light group conversations
         but if others are on    try to talk in party  or whisper 
         not everyone likes to read our chats all the time. and yes you can
         tell me if I need to talk in party also anytime lol  I dont like to annoy
         people   either.  And I always turn guild chat off when in BG , arena
         or most instances  since they require  more attention.

       Items in the guild vaults are for members not to disenchant or to sell 
        or for characters not in the guild .  Since the people that put them there
        could have done this themselves but chose to donate them to the guild
        instead.  If you can use something for your character take it. If you
        want something for a close level, take it, you can store it in your bank.
        If you need something from a higher tab, or you are at your max  
        withdrawals, you can note it in the info tab for that vault tab  and one of
        higher ranks can get it for you.

       If an Officer or Leader asks you to stop doing something try to stop
        doing it.  If they tell you and you don't understand ask for explanation 
        because ignoring them or disrespecting them will result in temporary and
        or permanent  demotion.  Or removal from the guild.   Sorry but we
        don't have a lot of time to teach people manners.  "I talk to people in     
        whisper if i need to warn someone. If I do it in guild, I am generally not 
        happy. I don't like demoting people at all, but don't push me. LoL"

       I would like to keep  the guild member list up to date so any character not
        logged on for  2 months will be demoted to initiate or in-training status
        Any character not logged on for more that 3 months will be removed from
        the guild.   If they happen to log back on they can be reinstated
        this is just to keep the list of players up to date so if you have to take 
        a leave let one of the officers know about it first please.
       New recruits will have to be in training state  for the minimum of one
        week, or run with a member on three or more  instances or hours. 
        Real life friends  or  family can be promoted to initiate right away or if a
        member can vouch for them but keep in mind if you vouch for someone
        that freaks out you may not be allowed to vouch for others in the future.
        veterans and up will be allowed to invite new members.  All promotions
        will be handled by Guild Master and the Co-Leaders if a character meets
        the rank requirements.
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