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We're Moving!

Aalamaz, May 22, 09 8:38 AM.
Shadow Born has a new web site!

Why are we moving?
This is a nice web site, but it lacks functionality in a couple of areas which are becoming increasingly imprtant to us as a guild. The new web site adds this functionality without needing computer programmng skills (although both web administrators Vomandor & Deblina have this skill)

When are we moving?
The new site is live NOW! All new events will be scheduled on the new site. You will need to sign up for the new site and create characters there to sign up for events. There is a hyperlink to character creation instructions on the main page beneath the guild banner. You will need to use the "Apply to guild option" in the user menu, top left. Look in your in game mail-box for a code which allows you to skip most of the application process.

When you sign up use the name of your main character as your username to make the roster easier to maintain!

Where are we moving to?
The address of the new web site is

Guild Level 55

Aalamaz, Apr 15, 09 6:49 AM.
Ding! Guild Level 55.

Over the weekend we dinged level 55 as a guild, contgratulations and well done to all our members.

Tier-2 Guild Hall

Aalamaz, Apr 1, 09 11:40 AM.
Shadow Born Aquires a Tier-2 Guild Hall.

On Sunday 29th March we became the proud owners of a Tier-2 Guild Hall, based in North Qeynos. The move went smoothly as we re-aquired our 15 amenities and quickly placed them in line with plans discussed by senior officers prior to the move.

Our new hall has additional decorations some of which are just aesthetic, others which hint at amenities to come!

Our guild hall represents in very physical terms just how far the guild has come in its 3.5 months of existance. When you tot up the Cash and status value of the hall alone it represents over 400pp and in excess of 24,000,000 status points invested. Once again testament to the calibre of players we're so proud to have as part of our family.

Congratulations and well done everybody!

Trebble Figures!

Aalamaz, Mar 10, 09 4:56 PM.
Shadow Born reaches 100 individual members!

On Tuesday 10th March Shadow Born welcomed Lucretius to our family and in so doing reached 100 individual members as a guild.

Welcome to all our new members, and a big shout out to the "Old Hands", we're now members of one of the top 20 guilds on the Runnye server by individual members... and we're having a ball :o)

Guild Level 50!

Aalamaz, Mar 10, 09 4:18 PM.
Guild Level 50 Reached!

On the 8th of March, less than 3 months after the creation of our guild, we have attained Level 50! Once again our name was broadcast over the server in a positive light, with the words "The Heroic Guild Shadow Born has attained level 50".

This is a bit of a mile stone for us as a guild. When the game was first realeased of course, this was the maximum level that a guild could attain. To get there in under 3 months once again is testament to the quality and commitment of our members.

We where able to obtain a guild hall once we hit level 30, now 20 levels later we have reached the maximum capacity of a Tier-1 guild hall by putting into it the 15 Amenities allowed in this hall.

At level 50 we added in a Mail Box (in the entrance halll on the right hand side of the door). We added a portal to the over-realm (Located next to the Druid Portal we already had) and last but by no means least, we added a Mender NPC (Downstairs in the crafting room, next to the Forge) so members can now have their equipment repaired conviniently.

Congratulations and well done everybody!
Welcome to Shadow Born!

We are a community oriented guild based on the Runnyeye server. Our guild is founded on the following guiding principles, which represent the "DNA" of the guild...

Guild Principles

We are not "hardcore" players or a "raiding" focused guild. We have no intention to become one or implement any rules promoting this play-style. The guild has no requirements on event attendance, playtime, character level, or specific activity level. However, we pay to play this game and so take guild and game progression seriously when we are online. To help us maintain our roster and keep it up to date we only ask our members to avoid excessive periods of un-notified absence. (See rules for definition.)

When we log in, we say hello. Just before we log, we say goodbye. When players say something in the guild channel, we reply.

To get the best out of this game, we often need help from other players. If a member asks for help, if we're not already doing something, we offer what help we can. If we can't help now, the least we will do is say when we can help. (The calendar on this web site can be a useful tool for organising specific activities.) What goes around comes around. (Help and be helped in return, see 'Together' below.)

The primary reason for a guild to exist is to bring people with common goals together in a community. A major part of guild community activity is grouping in game. We look for guild groups before we look outside for groups. Level is not a barrier to grouping. We make use of the mentoring system. As those we mentor will gain levels more quickly, so they will be in a position to help us sooner.

We are proud to be members of a guild with a true community spirit. We do all we can to promote and maintain this spirit. We do not hide from who we are... so our members never use the /anonymous function in game, nor would we hide our guild cloak.

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