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Azeroth of Armz
Azeroth of Armz
Dec 16, 08 9:47 AM
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Azeroth of Armz

Welcome to Azeroth Of Armz. Zerrnix is the Guild Master. Assitant Is Assarah. We were born on Decemeber 1st 2008. We current have between 50-55 members. Some are of 60+. Most of us are hardcore leveling to get up there into the seventies. We do all low level instances. We have not yet raided cause we dont have any members of level 70+. There is usually someone on at all times of the day. We like to have fun and give people advice and love it, when people ask questions. We are recruiting people who want to level and keep with there characters cause if you dont keep with it, we will delate you. The ranks work like this if your 30+ your a officer. 30 and below is Member. Memebers get 5 withdrawls and members get 3. The instances we have ran so far listed below


Shadaowfang Keep

We are Recruting all memebers we are looking for healers and couple of tanks!! Please Look for Assarah Otho Cyrwin. Those are the most played characters On the guild.

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Azeroth of Armz

540074164_Inactive, Dec 16, 08 9:47 AM.
Welcome Guild!! I just created this website hope yall like it!!!
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