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Rules rules and more rules.... wait what?

540072710_Inactive, Dec 15, 08 9:05 AM.
Thats right i have been workin on gettin our ground rules all set up for everyone to check out, including use of GB rules, i will be workin on ranks etc etc soon enough so keep checkin in!

New Guild Bank Tab!

540072710_Inactive, Dec 15, 08 9:02 AM.
Thats right all we are now at 5/6 bank tabs, thanks to everyone that help make it happen, the new tab is the "Officer" tab its for all the high end stuff just basicly so we can keep an eye on it, if ya need anything from it, feel free to ask an officer or GM and make a contribution to the bank and its yers!! good times around i say.

New Stuff All Round

540072710_Inactive, Dec 15, 08 8:11 AM.
Alright hey everyone as you can see i have thrown a site together, so that we can lay down some base rules and the like, haha and we dont have to answer the same questios all the time, on here you will find everything from bank rules, ransk and what they mean, bla bla bla, haha again the site isnt the prettyest thing ever but its a start, i will get around to makin it better over time.

We also have a fourm and all the cool stuff we never needed before, well... now we have it so use it, fourms are a great way to talk about crud with other people, and helps to get to know your fellow guildies a little better.

so ya none the less, if you have any ideas for the website feel free to let me know Via in game mail, or... if you figure out how to send mail Via the website thats cool too!

Have a good one all!
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