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The Lore and Mission in FAQ format

Etairos, Dec 15, 08 2:36 PM.
This is the rough draft for the FAQ that I have so far - please do edit, critique, or revise it in the forums.

What does that polysyllabic title even mean?

Khyrkanashaith is the Druchii (Dark Elven) term for the faction more commonly known as the Cult of Pleasure, although it more strictly translates as "Seekers of Pleasure." It is a Slaaneshi cult led by none other than the Queen Morathi that faded into the shadows for centuries, but recently emerged into the open and began openly contending against Hellebron and her Khainite cadre. We take as exemplar our liege, the Queen Morathi, is the most dynamic exemplar of Druchii power and certainly the most active force behind this invasion. Even the Witch King Malekith, who sulks in the antechamber of the castle while Morathi holds court in the great hall, depends on her for counsel in this war - go talk to him in the Inevitable City if you doubt this.

The History of the Slaaneshi Cult: Pages 52-60 in

So, Khainites are hostile to Slaaneshi Druchii, but in-faction fighting is disallowed. How does that make sense?

This is absolutely a difficulty. Then again, Druchii also fight against various Chaos factions, High Elves and Dwarfs absolutely loathe each other, and Greenskins try to kill *everyone* in traditional lore. Warhammer Online enforces armistices between groups equally as violently opposed as these two Druchii factions due to the needs of the war effort and the rewards to be gained for working in concert, so we too do not worry overmuch about our conflict with the Khainites going from hot to cold. We are confident enough in our capabilities to not deign to proselytize and malign the Khainites at whim, but are certainly capable of engaging in intellectual debate if prompted, and routinely demonstrate our superiority by outperforming the Khainite rabble.

The War of Flesh and Blood, on pages 17-25 of

How can the Druchii, with their abundant Khainite iconography, and the other races be part of the Khyrkanashaith?

Sorceresses have long been a bastion of political support for the Queen as well as often members of the Khyrkanashaith. Some Blackguards absolutely serve in the forces of the Khyrkanashaith, as they historically protect Morathi as well as Malekith. Witch Elves are largely devoted to Khaine and Hellebron, but Morathi certainly possesses a power base among them as well. Furthermore, the Slaaneshi units known as Devoted are functionally very similar to Witch Elves, so you could certainly roleplay as one of them and just be constantly mistaken for a Witch Elf. Disciples of Khaine, being an innovation unique to Warhammer Online, are thus both easier and harder to reconcile. Certainly, following Slaanesh requires you to ignore your class title, but what does Khaine really provide for a class whose most powerful abilities are combat moves and a complement of generally religiously neutral spells? What disciple can use the "Fist of Khaine" and not feel disappointed in its pathetic capabilities? Even those abilities which are eponymously from Khaine do not seem to become any weaker if you forswear him.

Even Khainites have manifold options for coming into partnership with the Khyrkanashaith, as they might be oathsworn to the service of the Queen, drawn into an alliance of convenience by political necessity, or simple mercenary greed - the possibilities abound.

Although our name refers specifically to a Druchii faction, this by no means excludes those of others races. During our invasion of Lustria, Queen Morathi enlisted the support of dozens of human tribes, both Slaaneshi and mercenaries, to fight alongside the Khyrkanashaith. Despite the lack of specific precedent, Greenskins similarly serve as allies of convenience, mercenaries, or even adherents of Slaanesh, for where can one find more purity of desire than in a Greenskin suffused by the Waaagh?

What does a Slaaneshi cult do, exactly? Are you the "relentlessly naughty" types that Paul Burnett was concerned about? (~1:30 into this video:

A popular misconception is that Slaanesh is the god of sensual excess. However, Slaanesh is no more adequately described as the God of Lust than Tzeentch is as the God of Ravens, as each title simply refers to visible and notorious fragment of each diety's portfolio. The domain of Slaanesh can be generally understood as Sensation, including all aspects of both pleasure, from the most benign to the most depraved - Slaanesh does not discriminate. Indeed, the Cult of Pleasure was born among the romantics, idealists, and intellectuals of the Elven race. We, as warriors in an invasion of unprecedented scale, naturally gravitate towards those more warlike pursuits as our pleasure of choice. The sheer delight in carving through swathes of the lesser races with grace and precision, intermixed with the mastery of the pain we *enjoy* in doing so is our sensation of chouce. If the province of Slaanesh is sensation, then "worship" such as it is lies in the perfection of each sensation. Such perfectionism is the focus of the Khyrkanashaith, and given our focus, we aim to become consummate masters of the dance of war. Others may sap the joy from their campaigns with repitition and feckless fumblings, but we will complement our efficiency with grace and flair.

So, how do you explain your lack of mutation, despite following a Chaos God? The champions of Slaanesh in the Inevitable City certainly evidence physical alterations.

Except in very rare cases, Elves do not suffer from chaos mutation in the traditional sense. This is because, unlike many human cultists, Elves generally limit their dealings with Chaos entities to clearly defined pacts and maintain their independence and spiritual integrity. To quote from the dissertation of Volans found in the Liber Chaotica, "Though all the Elven Kindreds venerate and respect their individual gods, they do not dedicate themselves body and soul to their service - instead they treat and use all deities as sacred tools and icons to further their aims." Indeed, the same Volans describes how the traditional Elven gods, including Khaine, were indeed shaped by the collective Elven strength of will away from their Chaotic selves into their current incarnations. We in turn use the power of Slaanesh to further our own aims, not the other way around.

Enough lore, how does your guild work?

Long years spent working amidst a vicious and hostile society without their awareness has instilled exceptional internal loyalty and discipline into the Khyrkanashaith, far exceeding that of our contentious kin. Any recruits are expected to work with fellow Khyrkanashaith whenever possible and to not imperil our combat maneuvers by ignoring orders. That said, we are not a dictatorship, and if you do not enjoy what you are being asked to do, please speak up, as to deny our members of enjoyment rather betrays the fundamental characteristic of a Slaaneshi cult. Role-playing aside, this guild is about having entertaining us as a group, not mindless farming or power-leveling or amassing fantastic wealth. In particular, we do not participate in the frenzied rush to rank up that consumes so many in this game, but take our time to relish each and every tier. We will do what we all enjoy, and find ways to make it as pleasurable as possible for everyone.
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