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<Ascension> is currently recruiting:
Shadow priests
Holy Paladins
Druid Tanks
Prot Paladins
Enhancement Shamans

Content Down
Content Cleared:

Obsidian Sanctum 1 Drake 10
Obsidian Sanctum 2 Drake 10
Obsidian Sanctum 3 Drake 10

Obsidian Sanctum 1 Drake 25
Obsidian Sanctum 2 Drake 25
Obsidian Sanctum 3 Drake 25

Naxxaramas 10
Naxxaramas 25

Malygos 10
Malygos 25

Malygos 25 down!
Feb 9, 09 6:44 PM
Grats on Kel'Thuzad 25!
Feb 8, 09 5:53 AM
Grats on Malygos!
Jan 4, 09 6:54 PM

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Welcome to <Ascension> a Firetree end-game raiding guild.
Our Main Goal
Strive to be the best of the best and down all raiding content thrown at us.

About Us
<Ascension> is filled with good friendly players, looking to better themselves and fellow guild mates alike. We can take a joke, we can take a bashing, and we can dish it out as well. We are currently looking for the dedicated players, who have not found a home that fits them quite right yet, so drop off an application, and we can see what we can do.

Looting Rules
We are a Loot Council Guild. Raid Leaders, Officers, and Class Leaders decide who will receive loot, by allowing those who would like the item that dropped link there current item in raid chat then it decided who deserves the piece of gear. The Council considers your raid attendance, current item, and how long you been a member of Ascension there is a two week probation period in which you will not receive loot unless no one would like the item, or it is an offset for the regular members.

Raid Times
Mainly raiding Tuesday to Friday, 7PM Server to 10PM Server, or 11 if people wish to give it that one more shot if needed.

Tuesday: Naxx 25

Wednesday: Naxxramas 25

Thursday: Naxxaramas 25

Friday: Obsidian Sanctum (10 and 25) and Vault if Wintergrasp is ours (10 and 25)

Future content and raid times may or may not change, depending on if we get the dedicated members we need.

Other Guild News

Malygos 25 down!

|Bubbabear|, Feb 9, 09 6:44 PM.
Grats everyone on downing Malygos 25!

Watch kill in HD!

Grats on Kel'Thuzad 25!

|Bubbabear|, Feb 8, 09 5:53 AM.
Good job everyone!

Watch the video in HD

Grats on Malygos!

|Bubbabear|, Jan 4, 09 6:54 PM.
Grats everyone on Malygos!


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