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Death To The Left

Welcome to Death To The Left Guild site!

The first question usually asked is "what does the guild's name mean?".  Well, next time you enter a cave, dungeon, instance...go to the left and see if there's more death there than if you go right.  Also, if you have quested with certain members, they always DO go left.  Other than that, you are left to ponder the depths of the guild's title..

The guild was started for friends and family to keep their "alts" on and have access to a guild bank.  Most members have their alts in the guild and their mains are in their own guild or another guild.  Since the guild was created to meet those needs, membership is considered closed. 

The guild has this site and is trying out another site also.  Both are free hosting but if the need arises and membership likes one more than the other, then the site of choise will be upgraded.

Death To The Left has a guild bank with 4 tabs.  Access to the bank is restricted and monitored.  Access is gained as individuals are promoted.  Promotion is bestowed to players that have demonstrated teamwork, supported guildies with quests and have consistantly sustained positive contribution to the guild and it's members.

There are currently 6 ranks (GM is excluded) within the guild:

 Rank  Title     Overview
 1  Elite
  • Most access granted to any player. 
  • Considered Co-GM
 2  Officer
  • Guild bank access to all tabs, withdrawal / deposit limits increased
  • Repairs paid limit increased
  • Ability to demote players, access to officer notes and chat added to guild functions
 3  Tenured
  • Guild bank access to all tabs, withdrawal / deposit limits increased
  • Repairs paid limit increased
  • Ablility to modify MOTD and remove players added to guild functions
 4  Member
  • Guild bank access to all tabs, limited withdrawal / deposit
  • Repairs paid limit increased
  • Ability to invite members added to guild functions
 5  Probate
  • Guild bank access limited to view (certain tabs) and deposit.
  • Repairs are paid up to max amount set for this rank
  • Ability to add guild events added to guild funtions
 6 Initiate
  • Brand new- access to guild chat

It is highly recommended that you quests with guild members and get to know them before requesting membership into the guild.  We all pay to play World of Warcraft so each person's time is valueable and respected.
Other Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

wolfebme, Dec 6, 08 6:08 PM.
Woot!  First the Guild, now a website....hummm.  Well, trying out 2 sites to see which will accomodate DTTL best.  Open to feedback so check out the other also!

Cast your vote here in our voting tab.

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