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Pvnk (Applicant) 7/13/2010 12:59 PM EST : Pvnk -- Blood Death knight

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Absolute Intensity Application

1. Name/Class/Spec/Off-spec

Pvnk, Death Knight, blood dps (possibly swiching to frost DW dps), tank off (tank gear is lacking)

2. Prior Raiding experience Pre-BC, BC,

(on old char on Dethecus server was is the same guild for 4 years) server first MC, BWL , everything up to hyjal, ulduar up to yogg, (quite playing the day TOC came out because had to focus on college and just started playing 3 weeks ago)

3. AI raids Tues 6-10, Thur 6-10 and Monday from 6-8, are you available for these raid times?

If server time then yes (i work till 6 on mondays indiana time)

4. Do you happen to know anybody in AI?

i heard about the guild from my RL friends hotstreak, japhar, and ilovealisha not sure if they are acutally in the guild

5. Tell us a bit about yourself.

20yr old predental major, work for a dentist office, love gameing, love raiding .

6. Why should AI accept your application for membership?

I think i could be a good addition to your guild becuase of my personality and dedication and loyalty to guilds.

7. Link your armory page (This is significant and should be done if you want to be invited to the guild.)

8. Give us your significant facts. (Avg Dps. Avg. Hps. In game moments of ass-kickery.)

haven't raided on my dk yet but i get 3.7 to 4k in dungens and when got a bladed hilt first run through forge of souls. pissed my friends off also got my char to what it is in in 1.5 days playing time after hitting 80

9. Age?


10.  We never raid past our posted raid times.  Is there any reason why you would not be able to raid the full raid time?

besides random things that might happen through every day life there is no set reason why i should miss any raids

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