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Stalmentie (Applicant) 8/17/2009 11:07 PM EST : Stalmentie App new App

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1. Name/Class/Spec/Off-spec
Stalmentie/Paladin/Main-Prot, Off-Ret
2. Prior Raiding experience Pre-BC, BC, Wrath
Pre-BC, none/ BC-Kara(5times)/ Wrath-10&25man Naxx fully cleared. Ulduar 10m (first 5 or so bosses)
3. AI raids Tues 5-9, Thur 6-10 and ocassionally Sunday from 4-7, are you available for these raid times?
There will be only certain times that I will be able to make certain raids during the week. More information can be supplied in game.
4. Do you happen to know anybody in AI? 
Everyone that was prev in Los Muertos.
5. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have a personall rock band. I'm still in highschool(10th) and i am in that marching band as well. I have an after school job. And as well as a long distance relationship. Basically just running around a lot, but i try to fit in my WoW gaming whenever possible.
As for personality, you will find that i am very outgoing and do NOT get mad easily. I have a very chill attitude and that comes in handy when it comes to deciding who need the "drop" best. 
6. Why should AI accept your application for membership?
Besides the comment of my personality stated above. I am a very skilled tankadin. I know my way in and out of my main spec. I will learn all fights before going into them if i dont already.
7. Link your armory page.
8. Give us your significant facts. (Avg Dps. Avg. Hps. In game moments of ass-kickery.)
I have struggled up to about 28k HPS unbuffed. I'm touching about 32-35k fully raid buffed.
I have just recently achieved a full ret set with few naxx epics. But i havent even been capable of testing out my full DPS in a raid yet.
9. Age?
10.  We never raid past our posted raid times.  Is there any reason why you would not be able to raid the full raid time?
If i say i can attend a raid I hardly ever drop out of a raid before unless stated before the raid begins. If i promise a full run, i keep that promise. I give raid top Piroity if i say i can attend and never deviate from that.

Shaz (SuperAdmin) 8/18/2009 9:48 AM EST : RE: Stalmentie App new App
GP User: Shazar05181982
Site Admin/Recruiting Officer
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Sorry.  We are only looking for people that can attend 100% of our raids.  Thank you for your interest.

Characters: Shazar Telock

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