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Charter of the Blade

1. Guild Philosophy
2. Ranks and Requirements

     a. Ranks
     b. Notoriety System
     c. Requirements    
3. Communication Mediums
     a. Guild Chat
     b. OOC channel (botaooc)
     c. Website and forums
4. Membership Policies
     a. Prerequisites for Consideration
     b. Alts
     c. Steps to Guild Membership
     d. Leaving the guild
     e. Inactivity
     f.  Bootable offenses
5. Code of Conduct
6. IC and OOC
7. Events and grouping

     a. Guild events
     b. Hunting groups
     c. Organizing events
8. Donations and the guild bank
9. Loot Policy
10. Grievance Policy


Guild Philosophy

Blades of the Awakened endeavors to provide a place to roleplay and build characters and their storylines while maintaining a good reputation on Feathermoon.  We are a hard-core roleplay guild and expect our members to remain in character most of the time while also attempting to follow the World of Warcraft lore. Slight deviations may occur for the sake of ongoing and evolving roleplay, but should at least be kept in the spirit of the existing lore.

Ranks and Requirements

a. Ranks
  • Ward - Newcomer to the guild. A ward of the Blades, unproven but desirous to do so.
  • Shield - Full member now awakened to the world around them. They are a weapon of the people, a tool against corruption and the guard against those blinded to the truth of the realm.  (Equal rank with Seeker)
  • Seeker - Full member who seeks to find the truth of what troubles the realm, the people and helpless. One willing to find others who are ready to remove the veil from their eyes and seeks ways to help those around them. (Equal rank with Shield)
  • Watcher / Warden - Proven member of the Blades who is no longer blinded by the veil that others try to lay upon them. Vigilant in their stand and ever seeking to weed out those who seek to bring harm to our cause, to the people of the realm and our way of life.
  • Champion - Loyal, dedicated guards to the purpose ready to defend the cause against anything in the path. Examples of discipline, integrity and strength.
  • Magistrate - A veteran of the guild who has opinion of value to even the Redeemers. They are guides to all below them as they have shown unwavering loyalty to the cause and have the experience to call judgment and help guide the Blades to a cause.
  • First Blade - This accomplished member is regarded as the First meaning in the absence of the Redeemers, this Blade is to be called upon to lead the Awakened. 
  • Redeemer - A Redeemer is a leader amongst the Awakened, one who has traveled long and hard to fight against the injustices of the world around them.

b. Notoriety System

Raising rank in the guild is done by notoriety. The more you do to promote the guild and roleplay as a whole, while casting the guild in a good light, the higher rank you will attain. All new members start off with zero points but have a multitude of options to earn points starting with registering for the forums, wearing a guild tabard and posting a profile on not only our forums but the main World of Warcraft forums.
There are points to be earned both inside and outside of the game.  Inside the game points are earned by willingness to help others, achievements, donations and attitude as well as maintaining and promoting good roleplay. Outside the game, most points will be earned through forum roleplay and participation, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, respect towards self and others, and composure in the face of adversity whether on our own forums or the realm forums.

c. Requirements
  • Ward - Application approved by the Redeemers
  • Shield / Seeker - 5,000 Notoriety
  • Watcher / Warden - 10,000 Notoriety
  • Champion - 25,000 Notoriety
  • Magistrate / First Blade - Chosen by the Redeemers

Communication Mediums

a. Guild Chat

Guildchat will be dedicated to in character dialogue only. Any ooc in guildchat is to be limited as there is an ooc channel for such conversation (/join botaooc). If any ooc conversation takes place in guildchat it is to be denoted by placing ooc before the statement or (())'s and should be a rare occurence. If it seems to be turning into an ooc discussion please move it to the ooc channel. This will allow others in the guild to learn more of your character and a chance for us to see the growth our characters can have together.

b. OOC channel
  • The OOC channel (botaooc) is strictly for guild members ONLY. Please do not invite others to this channel.
  • All OOC chat should happen here but please do try to use the /g channel more. We are a roleplaying guild and strongly suggest using IC channels as often as possible.
  • Please keep this channel as clean and respectful as possible. While we are all adults, not all adults enjoy profanity and explicit subject matter all the time.
  • If you join this channel with an unknown alt, please identify yourself ASAP.
c. Website and forums
The purpose of the forums are to conduct guild business in addition and sometimes outside of game time. We want to keep a light, fun atmosphere. Remember that the forums will often be the first impression any new members have of us and we want to project a mature, heavy RP guild.  There are times when drama will arise. In character drama is acceptable, as long as it remains -in character-. The moment the lines between in character and out of character are blurred is when the drama becomes a problem.  Please keep personal drama off the forums. Any flaming posts will be immediately deleted and archived in the officer forums. Repeated offenses will result in a ban and guild removal.

4. Membership Policies

a. Prerequisites for Consideration
  • Anyone wishing to join the Blades of the Awakened must be a member of the Alliance on the Feathermoon (US) server of World of Warcraft.
  • There is currently no level limitations in place (though we reserve the right to implement one in the future).
  • All applicants must be at least of legal age of consent and demonstrate the ability to behave in a  mature fashion.
  • All characters seeking admittance to the guild, whether mains or alts, must have a roleplay name (left to the discretion of officers).
  • We prefer that applicants have no current guild affiliation, but those that do handle closure with their previous guild maturely and honorably.
b. Alts
Alt characters of full members are welcome in the Blades of the Awakened. Alts will be treated as separate entities after receiving their invitation and must earn subsequent ranks. Notoriety is not shared between alts.

c. Steps to Guild Membership
  • Register for the forums using a recognizable name (preferably character name).
  • Fill out an application to join the guild by clicking on the Join link on the website. Applications should be filled out completely.
  • Meet with members and interact, participate on the forums and pass an IC interview with Suraa and Desai.
d. Leaving the guild
While losing a member can be a sad time, it can and may happen. Should this be the case, and you feel for whatever reason you no longer wish to be a Blade, you should discuss your departure with an officer so that the transition may occur smoothly. Anyone who leaves in a mature fashion will be welcomed back with open arms.
If you leave the Blades on a whim, in a huff, or are removed, you may not have the option to return at all. This is left entirely to the discretion of the officers who will weigh the circumstances surrounding your departure and your value to the guild.

e. Inactivity
Any member of the Blades of the Awakened who does not log in for 30 days may be removed unless their absence has been previously discussed with a guild officer. Please try to log in any guilded alts as they may be removed at the 30 day limit as well.

f.  Bootable offenses

Repeated failure to comply with the charter and the spirit of the charter is grounds for guild dismissal. When you wear our guild tag and tabard you become a representative of every member of Blades of the Awakened and must conduct yourself in a mature and honorable fashion.

Examples of ways to get yourself removed include, but are not limited to:
  • Offensive behavior towards fellow players whether by action, deed, or speech, in game or on the forums.
  • Behaving in a manner which brings dishonor or  poor reputation to the Blades of the Awakened.
  • Breaking the EULA set forth by Blizzard. Kill stealing, exploiting, harassment and general degenerative behaviour is all forbidden.
  • Creating excessive drama for attention's sake. Simply, don't do it.
  • Causing tension or dissension both within and outside the guild.
  • Attempting to poach members from within the guild.

5. Code of Conduct
  • Respect the player. Respect their right to roleplay. You may hate the character, but the player behind the character is deserving of respect.
  •  Honesty is key when forming bonds with guildmates, both in and OOC. Please be honest in all dealings.
  • Behave in a mature fashion, including using lore appropriate names and speech.
  • Help when you can. Ask for help when you need it.
  • If a role-play scene becomes too intense, press pause. Stand up, take a deep breath, fix a drink, have a smoke, take a walk. Do whatever it takes to distance yourself from the intensity and come back when you feel you are in a better frame of mind.
  •  If you're having a bad day IRL, leave it at the log-in screen. Role-playing is about being someone else who knows nothing of those outside problems. Relax! Enjoy your escape and have fun.
  •  Remember the Golden Rule and a few others mom used to say. Do unto others... More flies with honey... Lemons make lemonade. You get the picture.
  • Maintaining a reputation for fairness, maturity and honesty is essential to the success of Blades of the Awakened. Remember each member and their actions reflect upon the guild as a whole, and a bad reputation is extremely difficult to lose once achieved.

6. IC and OOC

Blades of the Awakened is a heavy RP guild, so we should do our best to keep the forums in character as much as possible. There is a forum for OOC chat, so please keep it there. If unsure what is OOC and what is not here are a few simple rules to follow:

  • No leetspeak or internet abbreviations are allowed. Example: " j00 1337 suxxors!" "lol", "omg", "brb", and "afk"  all can be said in other ways. There are occasional, forgivable slips but frequent abuse of these terms significantly hinders roleplaying and will not be allowed to become the norm.
  • No modern slang or profanity should be used. Things such as "shite" and clever ways of cursing however add flavor and are encouraged.
  • Basically any references to outside events/people/machines/etc. is not acceptable. Try to keep things inside the World of Warcraft universe. Made-up names are imaginative and encouraged as long as the name fits the fantasy genre.
  • There may be times when you must use OOC to communicate. Please contain it to the OOC forums or if unable,  include (( )) denotation.

7. Events and Grouping

a. Guild Events

Guild events, unless otherwise denoted, are meant to be for the guild and possible recruits only, unless otherwise stated. Blades of the Awakened hopes to sponsor two or more public events monthly in addition to guild-only events.

b. Hunting Groups

Blades of the Awakened places no restrictions on grouping with non-members. While we encourage grouping among the guild, oftentimes outside grouping is needed. We wish for honorable actions whether the group is all guildmates or not.

c. Organizing Events

Events are not solely the responsibility of officers. Any member may propose and organize an event, and will actually gain Notoriety for doing so. Such contribution are very welcome. If you need any assistance with your event, feel free to ask Officers for assistance. If they cannot assist you due to scheduling or time constraints, they will help find someone who can assist.

Please note:
Any PVP raids organized by Blades of the Awakened members MUST be okayed by Desai.

Donations and the guild bank

If you wish to donate items to the guild for use within the guild, please deposit these items in bank slot 2. They will be sorted and distributed as needed. Requests for items inaccessible due to guild rank can be made directly through Desai or Suraa. All full members will have access to bank slot 1 which will serve as a warehouse for resources and other tradeskill materials. Removing items and selling them is grounds for dismissal from the guild. Removing items for unguilded alts is forbidden.

Loot Policy

The most important loot rule is this: The group organizer or leader must explain the loot policy thoroughly before a single monster is slain. Any  special loot requests, like a certain item you are searching for or gems  that a guild is gathering must be made clear up front and everyone in the group must give a reply indicating they understand and accept the rules. Loot policy should also be covered by the Leader prior to any boss encounters with special loot. The point here is not to say, everyone must loot a certain way. It is to say that no matter what you choose, as leader, you must make it VERY clear to everyone from the start of the adventure. Variation in looting practice is fine, as long as everyone knows what they are getting into.

Grievance Policy

If at any time you have any conflicts with a rule, a member or the guild please feel free to contact an officer to speak about your concerns. There is an open door policy among the Awakened because we are a brotherhood. We must always be there for each other whenever we possibly can.

For any outside of the guild that have a complaint about a member, use our forums to contact Desai or Suraa Shadowmoon so we can open the channels of communication between all the parties involved. Taking grievances to a public forum is bad form and not a mature approach to any situation. We wish resolution in lieu of escalation where problems are concerned.
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