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Piercing The Veil...
Who are the Awakened?

To be Awakened one must pierce the shrouded veil the world laments over our eyes. To not be restrained by the politics of our Alliance leaders, by those who seek their own selfish gains above the needs of those below them. The Awakened are not idle in their heart for they pursue what they feel is just, what they feel is necessary for the people to survive and allow no obstacle to stand in that path. To be Awakened is to have your eyes open and peering into the depths of all that surrounds us and never taking a step backwards...only forward. Our shackles are broken, our glare is intent and our focus is as one purpose...

We are the Awakened.

Have you bore witness to a King who recklessly squandered the lives of his people for personal gain? Did you feel a weight upon your shoulders anchoring you to the earth, helpless to act? This is where you rise, this is where you break the bonds that would cripple your purpose. Here you will not walk alone but with your brothers and sisters of the Blades. 

Has your blood ever burned to seek justice for those you felt wronged? Have you have felt your muscles tighten witnessing inaction by those who were meant to guide you to only stand aside while others took the task? Have your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends shed blood for a cause not their own only to be forgotten with the sands in the wind?  

The Blades of the Awakened are a brotherhood... a sisterhood of those who fight for all that is right in their hearts, no matter the name, no matter their skill, or their past.

The Blades of the Awakened will stand for the good people of these realms. Our strides are forever forward without hesitation and together we shall hold firm against the tide that is to come no matter what chooses to stand in our path. We are the sword of the people, we are the shield of the lands and we are the weaves of magic that call to the winds of purpose.  

The Blades of the Awakened purpose is as one and it is a purpose that we shall stand shoulder to shoulder to face as our pasts are forgotten. Only the focus of our hearts shall be brings the eyes of judgment upon us from this point forward.

Are you ready to be Awakened?
Other Guild News

Blades of the Awakened prepare to go public!

Suraa Shadowmoon, Dec 16, 08 8:09 PM.
The time draws near, when the polish is applied and the paperwork is in order that we can finally stand up and say, "I am the awakened."

With only a few more sections of the charter to finalize, it seems our site is finally, almost, ready. Bear with us a little longer to complete the site and we will be ready.

Blades of the Awakened Has a New Address!

System, Dec 5, 08 7:37 PM.
Blades of the Awakened has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Blades of the Awakened Site Under Construction

540060167_Inactive, Dec 5, 08 3:21 PM.
The site is under construction while we iron out details. Once we have finalized a few decisions, we will begin recruiting and the site will be completed. Thank you for your interest in the meantime.
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