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Dec 2, 08 7:25 AM
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   Hello Newbies and Veteran Demon Hunter's, I wanna welcome all of you to our new website...please sign in and update any info about you and your Characters in our guild. we are all free to Recruit all of our friends and aquaintences to our guild, just remember if they are not Demon Hunter material, I will kick em faster then they joined lol...I'm sure there will be some that just don't fit in. we will start raiding as soon as we have enuff high lvl toons that want to raid. there is no pressure to raid and there are no firm raiding positions yet. we will form a permanent raid group eventually but for now we want all commers to have a chance to gain a position. So let me know what ya'll have in mind k?-Skullka AKA Temptya....Also we want players of all race's, religion's, nationalities and both sexes to join our guild. We do not discriminate against anyone, as for age, as long as you're mature enuff to handle anything thrown at you, you are welcome to be a Demon Hunter. We will not tolerate Whinning or being an ass in General, Trade or Guild chat, and no begging for gold, if you truly need something just ask me or a fellow guildy please! And above all, have fun...

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

540056089_Inactive, Dec 2, 08 7:25 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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