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Death of a Friend
Feb 6, 09 1:04 PM
MTC elections!
Jan 26, 09 5:29 PM
Triad Attacks!
Dec 1, 08 9:41 PM

Moonglow Town Council

When all is gone, and all you see has been washed away, it is Moonglow that will endure.

Welcome to the halls of the Moonglow Town Council.  We live to serve the needs of Moonglow and it's betterment.  We have lasted through the years, from wars, to attempts at Armegeddon.  We are the leaders, the military, teh citizens of the fair city.  So step forward into a part of history with honesty, knowing you will be stepping towards a better future.


Death of a Friend

doireann, Feb 6, 09 1:04 PM.
Yasamin stood waiting while the crier read the letter. Tim's face held a look of disbelief, but he nodded to Yasamin, promising all town criers in all the lands would hear the horrible news.

Hear ye Hear ye,

A great tragedy has struck Moonglow. The men, Vaen Swiftar, Beowolfe Thormear and Mave Gerhart of Moonglow have perished fighting for the protection of others within the realm. A memorial will be held tomorrow at nine by the eastern sun.

He sent the message off to the other town criers, for them to release the news

MTC elections!

doireann, Jan 26, 09 5:29 PM.

Triad Attacks!

doireann, Dec 1, 08 9:41 PM.
The Triad have been banned due to their force against Council members.  As such, they are no longer allowed on Moonglow land.  Please approach with Caution.  They have attacked again, serverly disabling our militia who stood up to their viciousness. 
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