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Wednesday RvR
Dec 9, 08 12:02 AM
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I wish for us to be a loosely run organization of friends that work towards the goal of this and any game: FUN! I don't want drama, personal attacks, issues, etc to come up. They may happen, but we will deal with them as they arise.

Major decisions, promos, etc will be voted upon by our guild council. Promoting someone from member rank to officer rank will require a majority vote of the council. Becoming a council member will require a unanimous vote by the council as well as extraordinary service to the guild.

Rule 1. Don't be an arse! (Card this will be hard for you but try please!?)
Rule 2. Stand up for your realm and your guild.
Rule 3. We are in an RvR game, GO KILL ORDER LOTS!
Rule 4. HAVE FUN!
Rule 5. Due to recent events, I feel that this needs be said. We should not have any cursing/vulgar or rude behavior in guild chat, alliance chat, etc. I would also like to not have cursing in ventrilo as many in the guild have family, kids, etc that do not need to be exposed to this. Also,


Wednesday RvR

Cardego, Dec 9, 08 12:02 AM.
Oi you gits!

Rally up, RvR night is taking place! This will be an all day event, so get on whenever you can, and kill some people with us! This is more than likely going to be T3 stuff, get there quickly!

Also Grats to the people who have made new ranks, and a big WELCOME to our new recruits!
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