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Hail and well met Knights!

As you can see there has been a bit of a facelift to our old site.

The first thing you should do is to create a login name to access the site. The link for creating a login is at the top of the page. Please use your main character's name as it will make things easier.

After you have created a login name, HIT THE "JOIN NORRATHIAN KNIGHTS"(its at the top of EVERY page on the site) link... this will send out an alert to the site administrators that you want access.  Martell or Lady Cylmae will have to grant you member access to be able to do most of the activities on the site.  Give us a little time.. this is starting up.  When your access is granted you will receive an email (on this site..not your home email) notifying you.

Next you can avail yourself of the new ROSTER tool. You can go in and put all the information for your favorite characters. To do this, navigate to the roster screen using the tab above. Once there, underneath all of the names you will see a link that says "Update my characters". Hit that and it will prompt you to input your character's name. Once you have entered the name in the database you just hit the "Update my characters" link and then the "Edit" key to put in all of your details (i.e. Level, race, etc.). You can do this every time you gain a level, come up with some new snappy detail for your bio, or just feel like changing your sex (Snakke).

In addition if you look in the forums under "The Knights Pavilion" you will see a hands-down infallible post by Lady Cylmae on how to update your characters on the site.

*You can also access your character information and site profile from the header at the very top of any page on the site with  "Characters/Settings"*

We cannot actually upload images to the site... it doesn't have the space for it.. .BUT we can link pictures from a remote location online. So if you have a picture you would like to have on the board go to some picture hosting site like (its free) and get your picture online.  Then just send me the  URL link and how you would like it to be labeled on the site.  (You can email me on the site at the "Mail" tab).

More to come Knights!



Added Music to the Home Page!

537196017_Inactive, Mar 22, 05 5:19 PM.
Listen to that lovely orchestral display!  If it is too cumbersome for people using the site I will take it out. Otherwise.. enjoy!  (Let Martell know if it is bogging you down too much)

New Home for the Knights!

537196017_Inactive, Mar 21, 05 1:18 PM.
Transferred most forums from old site to the new one to give that tasty smack of familiarity.

3 new polls are up in the voting session. Sign in and give us your tick mark.

Added section on Homepage called "The Snakke Pit" ( a soapbox on which our celebrated rogue can air his thoughts).
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Due to our policy of not linking out to any sites that are owned by virtual item and account sales companies that are in violation of the EULA of the games we support, the link to the EQ Interface site (owned by IGE / OGaming) has been removed. Please, be careful when installing any software on your gaming computer from third party sites!

Please note, that this does not prevent guild admins from adding any links they like; this is only the removal of the specific content type.

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