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Crypt Crawlers
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Hey Crypt Crawlers!!!

I hope you enjoy the new website.  The Crypt Crawlers are a small guild composed of fun and laid back players who enjoy questing together.  Currently, the Crypt Crawlers play Dungeons and Dragon Online on the Thelanis Server and some of us also like to play multiplayer in Never Winter Nights Two.

If you like to quest and to have a good time and are interested in playing with a guild, please give us a shout and we will try to get together with you to see if we are the guild for you. 

Mirror of glamering issues

Erdrique, Yesterday at 11:20 AM.
Hey all, looks like the coveted Mirror of Glamering has some issues with it.  Looks like you can't copy docents over as a cosmetic and some skins defaulting to some other look.  Here is the thread on what is found so far:

Mirror of Glamering issues

DDO Store Issues

Erdrique, Sep 30, 14 11:29 AM.
Looks like the DDO Store had some issues shortly after the release of Update 23.  It was brought down twice on Monday, September 29th to be fixed.  Just be aware of that when making any purchases.

Update 23: Mark of Death is released!!

Erdrique, Sep 29, 14 11:22 AM.
Hey all, Update 23: Mark of Death was released today!!  Below is the link to the release notes:

Update 23: Mark of Death

DDOCast takes a look at integrating new players into DDO

Erdrique, Sep 28, 14 5:51 PM.
This week, the folks at DDOCast talk about making new players in DDO feel welcomed and how folks can help them out. 

Looks like Update 23 Will be Released on Monday, September 29th

Erdrique, Sep 26, 14 11:58 AM.
It looks like Update 23 will be released on Monday September 29th :).

Heroic XP Bonus and VIP XP Bonus this weekend!!

Erdrique, Sep 25, 14 11:52 AM.
Hey all, looks like there is going to be all types of experience gained this weekend with a Heroic XP bonus and VIP bonus going on this weekend. 

A Note about the DDO Character Planner

Erdrique, Sep 24, 14 1:39 PM.
I'm not sure how many of you use the DDO Character Planner originally developed by forumite, Ron, but a few weeks ago he put up an announcement saying that he won't be heading up the team anymore.  Instead, another forumite, will be heading up the DDO Character Planner team.  Ron is still going to be on the team and doing some coding for it but he won't be heading it up anymore.  If you haven't used it, it is an excellent tool to help plan a build in DDO!!  Here is his announcement:

Ron passes the torch

Cordvoan and Others will be Doing an Update 23 Twitch TV Preview

Erdrique, Sep 23, 14 11:40 AM.
Hey all, tomorrow Cordovan will be doing a Twitch TV stream event with some of the DDO developers with a look at Update 23 tomorrow (September 24th) at 4:00 pm.

MMORPG takes a look at Update 23

Erdrique, Sep 22, 14 1:58 PM.
Thought you guy might be interested in this, the website MMORPG took a look/tour of Update 23 and wrote up an article about it.  Below is the link:

MMORPG Update 23

DDOCast does a walk Through of the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

Erdrique, Sep 21, 14 6:21 PM.
This week, the DDOCast took a look at the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.  Below is the link:

DDOCast 352

Update 23 Special Look!!

Erdrique, Sep 20, 14 10:51 PM.
Hey all, this Wednesday (September 24th) , after the regular DDO TwitchTV livestream, will be another live stream event with the developers going over the features of Update 23.  Cordovan mentioned this on his last broadcast on Wednesday!!

Talk like a Pirate Sales!!

Erdrique, Sep 19, 14 3:32 PM.
In celebration of Talk like a Pirate Day!, the DDO Store is having sales for pirate themed items, including sales for the Three Barrel Cove, Sentinel of Stormreach, and Attack on Stormreach chains.  Below is the link.

Talk like a Pirate Day Sales

Cordovan quests on Thelanis and in the Red Fens with the Summer Fling

Erdrique, Sep 19, 14 3:26 PM.
On the latest DDO TwitchTV stream, Cordovan took to some questing once again on the Thelanis Server and later he grouped up with the Summer Fling static group and ventured out into the Red Fens.  Check out the episodes on either their TwitchTV channel or their YouTube channel.

DDO TwitchTV
DDO Youtube

Maintaining a positive play experience

Erdrique, Sep 17, 14 11:07 AM.
Customer Service Manager River, commented on his thread that he opened up a month ago about maintaining a positive playing environment.  He answered a few of the posts in there and mentioned how important it is to get reports about abusive or bad behavior.  Others asked for help to control the "duping" and selling of duped items on the ASAH but he mentioned the only thing he can do with that is forward it the devs.  Here is the thread:

Maintaining Positive Playing

DDOCast Interviews some of the Council

Erdrique, Sep 16, 14 11:36 AM.
Hey all, I just wanted to pass along that the DDOCast interviewed a few members of the DDO Player's Council.  It was interesting interview.  If you are interested in listening to it, it is Episode 351.

DDOCast Episode 351

Stealth Guide at the Order of Syncletica

Erdrique, Sep 15, 14 2:28 PM.
Hey all, Spencerion (author of the blog Order of Syncletica) has created a new stealth guide.  It looks pretty interesting.  Spencerion is primarily a monk player, including ninjas, and enjoys the stealth mechanics now in play in DDO.  Check out his forum post and links if you are interested in stealthy play:

Stealth Guide

Mabar won't be coming back...

Erdrique, Sep 14, 14 11:44 AM.
Well, Cordovan posted in a thread about Mabar that it won't be coming back this year and that it is being scratched from the special events.  Evidently the issues with Mabar couldn't be fixed and as a result they are working on a new special event.  Instead of Mabar being active during Halloween, they will turn on the Crystal Cove instead.  Going to miss Mabar.

Mabar won't be released

Downtime on Monday, September 15th

Erdrique, Sep 13, 14 3:47 PM.
Hey all, looks like DDO will be down for some maintenance on Monday morning, September 15th, from 6 am to 11am.  The forums should still be up but you might not be able to log into them until the maintenance is completed.

Cordovan highlights the Vanguard and Harper Enhancement Trees

Erdrique, Sep 12, 14 2:55 PM.
This week, during the weekly TwitchTV live stream, Cordovan and Vargouille previewed the Vanguard and Harper enhancement trees that will be released with Update 23.  The recorded session is below:

Vanguard and Harper Enhancement Line Preview

A fourth look at Update 23 is pending

Erdrique, Sep 10, 14 2:07 PM.
Cordovan confirmed in a thread on the Lamannia forums that a 4th look at Update 23 would be forthcoming and it would mostly like just contain some "polishing" finishes. 
Service Updates
Game News
Erdrique 10/1/2014 7:39 PM
Thanks for the help last night Lochog!!
Erdrique 9/30/2014 4:01 PM
Nice seeing you log in Slaughter!! It was good grouping with ya!!
Erdrique 9/29/2014 3:26 PM
Time to work on Erdrique's monk build!!
Erdrique 9/28/2014 11:52 PM
Update 23 comes out tomorrow!!
Erdrique 9/28/2014 1:18 AM
Erdrique hit level 20!! Time to Heroic Reincarnate!!
Erdrique 9/26/2014 5:25 PM
Get ready for Update 23!!
Erdrique 9/25/2014 5:21 PM
Erdrique takes down the Lords of Dust!!
Erdrique 9/24/2014 5:37 PM
The Pugging Scene has been....werid lately....
Erdrique 9/23/2014 5:18 PM
Thanks for the help in those runs Grabthars!!
Erdrique 9/22/2014 5:21 PM
Sludgge takes down the Black Loch on Epic Normal :)!!
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