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Crypt Crawlers
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Hey Crypt Crawlers!!!

I hope you enjoy the new website.  The Crypt Crawlers are a small guild composed of fun and laid back players who enjoy questing together.  Currently, the Crypt Crawlers play Dungeons and Dragon Online on the Thelanis Server and some of us also like to play multiplayer in Never Winter Nights Two.

If you like to quest and to have a good time and are interested in playing with a guild, please give us a shout and we will try to get together with you to see if we are the guild for you. 

DDO Store has a points bundle this week

Erdrique, Feb 15, 15 11:04 AM.
Hey all, I wanted to pass along that the DDO Store has a points bundle sale going this week through February 22nd.  Get those points if you can!!

A Fun Blog at Full Moon Fury

Erdrique, Feb 15, 15 11:01 AM.
The other day, Tholgrin at Full Moon Fury, wrote up a very fun blog about a crowded airship.  You should check it out.

Crowded Airship

Risia Ice Games Close Out Monday, Februray 16

Erdrique, Feb 15, 15 10:58 AM.
Hey all, don't Forget that the Risia Ice games are slotted to finish up this Monday, February 16th.

Maintenance on Wednesday, February 11th

Erdrique, Feb 15, 15 10:55 AM.
On Wednesday, February 11th, the DDO Game servers were brought down for some maintenance.  The maintenance was scheduled to go from 6 am until 11 am but the window was extended well into the afternoon.  Hopefully they did some more work on the lag issues.

DDOCast has another contest

Erdrique, Feb 15, 15 10:53 AM.
Hey all, Patrick at the DDOCast is giving away another set of 500 Point Turbine codes.  He is looking for some screenshots of soulstones to use as splash screens for his recent runs in permadeath.  If you have any good screenshots (he prefers to have screenshots without the UI interface showing) send them on to him for a chance to win some Turbine Points.

The DDO Development is Looking for Feedback on Future Remnant Awards

Erdrique, Feb 14, 15 5:42 PM.
Recently Vargouille posted a thread looking for feedback on some future loot drops for monster champion remnant turn ins.  Looks like they want to add in augments, festival awards, mysterious bracers, and cloaks.  Looks interesting.

Mysterious Remnant Award Feedback Thread

Monster Champion Hate just Won't Go Away

Erdrique, Feb 14, 15 3:45 PM.
Severlin and Vargouille were busy this week talking about monster champions.  A thread was started on the DDO General Discussion forums where a lot of folks continue to complain about their implementation and where another set of players supported them.  This is definitely a touchy topic.

Poll about Monster Champions

DDO TwitchTV and the Winter Fling

Erdrique, Feb 7, 15 11:10 PM.
Earlier this week, Cordovan took some folks into the quests Lines of Supply and Breaking the Ranks for the weekly Wednesday livestream on TwitchTV and then following that, the Winter Fling headed out into Gianthold.

Active Podcasts!!

Erdrique, Feb 7, 15 11:04 PM.
The majority of the DDO Podcasts have been quite active over this past week.  First off, the latest DDOCast did question and answer session of the DDO Development team which focused primarily on the creation of loot.  Then the DDO Cocktail Hour knocked out two podcasts, one with Lessah and her permadeath guildies, and the a regular one where Lessah and Samius discuss monster champions.  And then the DDO Players News released a new episode.  I also noted that the DDO Damsels put out a new podcast this week as well.  So a lot going on there!! 

Not to mention all of the movement on the TwitchTV and YouTube channels!!

Spencerion (Order of Syncletica) Wonders What Type of Player You Are

Erdrique, Feb 7, 15 10:58 PM.
Specerion, the author of the blog Order of Syncletica, drafted up a very well written blog looking into player behavior and classification and applying those studies to DDO.  He wonders how the make up of DDO players affects the gaming world and what players expect while playing.  The blog is located here:

Order of Syncletica looks into gaming behavior

At the same time, he encourages others to take the MMO player test to see what type of player you are and to post the results so that he can summarize them in a later blog post.

DDO is compared to NWO by

Erdrique, Feb 7, 15 10:54 PM.
The MMO website,, compares DDO to its chief D&D rival,  NWO.  The author of the article compares a couple primary features including gameplay, guilds, cost, and features and rates which game he feels is better.  Overall, he rated DDO a better D&D experience than NWO.  The article is linked below: comparison of DDO and NWO

DDOCast takes a stab at Permadeath

Erdrique, Feb 7, 15 10:51 PM.
Patrick, at DDOCast, has decided to join up with the Thelanis Permadeath Guild, Sublime.  He is going to stream their runs through TwitchTV.  Sounds like it might be an interesting set of events.  Check it out when you get a chance!!

DDOCocktail Hour has been busy!!

Erdrique, Feb 2, 15 12:59 PM.
Hey all, I just wanted to pass along that the DDO Cocktail hour has put out two new shows relatively recently.  The first show was about permadeath play and rules and the second one was some conversations about monster champions and a few other things.

Steelstar looks into gathering more data on lag issues

Erdrique, Feb 2, 15 12:55 PM.
Recently a post on the DDO forums complained of having a party lag wipe in Temple of the Deathwrym.  As a result, and another show of effort, Turbine is looking into ways to fix this with Steelstar asking for further clarification on the issue.

New rewards put into the Mysterious Remnant vendor

Erdrique, Feb 2, 15 12:44 PM.
Hey all, looks like some new rewards were added to the mysterious remnant vendor in the Hall of Heroes.  From what I can tell, the look like eternal flasks of various buffs.  Here is the announcement.

Champion Hunter Week

Hotfix put in today

Erdrique, Jan 30, 15 12:25 PM.
The hotfix that was scheduled for yesterday was actually put in place today.  Below are the release notes to the hotfix.


Hotfix scheduled for today is postponed

Erdrique, Jan 29, 15 11:31 AM.
Hey all, there was a hotfix scheduled to be put in place today but for some reason it has been postponed.  I wonder what happened with it.  I'm guessing the fix would break something else.  In any case, we can probably expect some downtime soon. 

DDO Players News is giving away a two-month VIP code

Erdrique, Jan 28, 15 11:27 AM.
Hey all, the DDO Players News folks are giving away a two-month VIP subscription in a new contents that closes on February 10th.  All you have to do is make a post/comment on their website to be eligible.  I have put the link below:

DDO Players 60 Day VIP Giveaway

Snow storm affects those at Turbine

Erdrique, Jan 27, 15 10:38 AM.
The recent snow storm has had some impact on Turbine.  The customer service phone support had its hours shortened as a result of the major winter storm.  Hopefully sending people home a little early will be the only things that occur for the folks in the Northeast.

Severlin comments on lag problems

Erdrique, Jan 26, 15 3:13 PM.
In a recent post, Severlin commented on some of the lag issues and that they continue to work on it.  They are examining the areas of lag spikes in the specific nodes and hope to diagnose those problem areas and get them fixed. 
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Game News
Erdrique 3/3/2015 1:07 PM
Erdrique is now level 18!!
Erdrique 3/3/2015 1:07 PM
Lorrikk gets his revenge!!
Erdrique 2/28/2015 4:54 PM
Might try a few challenges tonight!!
Erdrique 2/28/2015 4:44 PM
Wondering how many mimics I'll be able to kill before this even is done.
Erdrique 2/28/2015 4:43 PM
Erdrique is moving slightly ever closer to level 18!!
Erdrique 2/28/2015 4:42 PM
Excellent runs last night Crawlers!!!
Erdrique 2/25/2015 12:28 PM
Kanndar is now level 12 and enjoying his new sword!!
Erdrique 2/25/2015 12:28 PM
Might need to upgrade my computer.
Erdrique 2/23/2015 12:45 PM
Kolll struggled last night in VON 1...
Erdrique 2/23/2015 12:45 PM
Congrats Hell for reaching level 14!!
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