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Redhammer Raiders
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I am interested in starting an all dwarf, roleplaying guild. The idea would be a spinoff of Bugman's rangers.
It would start something like this, a small group of dwarfs, in Redhammer's Brewery, would be discussing the finer points of brewing. After some discussion, and much drinking, an argument would break out over whether or not Redhammer or Bugman brewed the best ale. The argument escalates until some of the dwarfs vow to begin their own version of Bugman's Rangers.

They would call themselves Redhammer Raiders.

The structure would be thus:

There would be some core rules:
1. Roleplaying is mandatory in guild channel and in everything except whispers to other players.
2. WE wouldn't be using Vent. (it kills roleplaying)
3. You would have to register on the website. ((mostly to sign off on the rules. I don't want this to be the primary means of communication. We want to play, not log in to work.))
4. We will always be an all dwarf guild.
5. Captains would be voted on quarterly by the Raiders who showed up to a monthly meeting. ((not a mandatory meeting, but those who show get to vote.))
6. Events are not mandatory attendance, but the captains would be encouraged to hold as many as they could. ((This will be a casual rp guild for those who have jobs, kids, family. Hopefully we get enough members where we will have plenty of people on so we can have full events.))
7. Log in once a month. ((We don't want a roster full of people who no longer play, and once a month isn't too much to ask.))

If there is anyone who would like to help me get started on this, let me know. I'll be needing some help, and some captains.
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