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Ad Libitum Community!
Nov 30, 08 10:51 AM
Christmas Tournament 2008!
Nov 24, 08 1:33 PM
Soon Christmas-to-be!
Nov 22, 08 7:38 AM
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Welcome to Ad Libitum - Frostmane EU PvP Guild!

Note: You can watch the video in High Quality on YouTube!

Hey, and welcome to one of the most magnificent PvP guilds on Frostmane.
Currently - just after the release - we don't have many events, but when we'll get to December, we're going to be more active then ever!

Our members will find themselfes doing alot of Premades, especially in the new battleground Strand of the Ancients! - City Raiding trips against the vile Alliance, Dueling Tournaments where people battle for amazing prizes, Gankage trips to lowbie areas, Outland and Northrend, Arena Teams trying to get the most rating possible, and alot of other interresting events!

No one will be left alone in this new expansion, not even the ones who don't got it yet!

If you're interrested in joining Ad Libitum, speak to one of the officers in-game (Dunkix, Fnatic, Amelius) as we're recruiting every PvP-attuned character above the lvl of 50, although twinks or PvP alts are allowed if they stay active (Twice a week for atleast one-two hours is a must!)

Your mains are welcome aswell, be in mind our calendar is not that filled, compared to raiding guils, so even if you only play during the weekends, you'll find yourself capable of being able to play the game without having to be with your guild for every single minute.
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Ad Libitum Community!

539850371_Inactive, Nov 30, 08 10:51 AM.
We've just created a new community for all our members to discuss in. It can be found in the left menu.

It is highly recommended that every member create an account as soon as possible!

To addition for our new community, the Ad Libitum headbanner has been replaced with a christmas theme instead. Enjoy!

Yours Sincerely,

Christmas Tournament 2008!

539850371_Inactive, Nov 24, 08 1:33 PM.
Applications for the Christmas Tournament 2008 has started! Check out the new page in the left side menu for more information about competing in this tournament of trials.

Yours Sincerely,

Soon Christmas-to-be!

539850371_Inactive, Nov 22, 08 7:38 AM.
It's getting closer and closer, everyone loves it and everyone hates it at the same time. It's harsh, cold, black, but at the same time it's all about love, understanding and fun. - It's Christmas!

This site will have it's theme changed when we get to December, so enjoy your sights, it's gonna be awesome.

So far we have a Christmas Tournament in mind, which WILL be recorded, so please check the website out for further information about the tournament when it'll be updated!

November is soon to be over folks!

Yours Sincerely,
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