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It Has Begun!
Nov 22, 08 7:52 AM
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Welcome to the Ascendants of the Dawn Guild Site!

Ascendants of the Dawn Mission Statement

Within these hallowed walls are the whispers of truths and the tales of Azeroth's history.  I watch these things with intrigue and take in each word as if I had lived it myself.  

As one of the Ascendants, I recognize the fact that no matter what happens in my life I will never master anything, for in that fact I allow myself always to be open to learning and teaching others so that we may grow as a civilization and not just as a singular individual.  Through the understanding of others and the patience therein lies, I will learn the ways of our enemies to better recognize them and show compassion to them even on the field of battle.

I will never show disrespect, even to those of the opposing faction.  For each of us are on a different side of the looking glass and even those with hatred in their hearts deserve better than to be looked down upon. 

I will fight with honor and to the best of my ability at all times.  Never shall any ally of my own fall without me offering assistance to them as I can.  My enemies need not fear grief from me, but shall realize that if the sharpened edge of my blade or the bludgeoning force behind my stave is needed, it will be there awaiting them with open arms. 

It is in these words that I make my stand firm beside the banner of red, white, and gold that makes up the border of the Ascendants of the Dawn. 

The Dawnrunner, Kelendros Skyweave, holds our colors firmly into the air and I walk beside them willingly and with my head held high.  My aim is pronounced and my goals rightfully known.  I am a soul within the Ascendants of the Dawn. 

Prepare yourself, our time is now.

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