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Welcome to Hand of Blood

Welcome to HoB

We are a destruction guild on the Karak-Norn Server focused on endgame dungeons and T4 ORvR & scenarios. We are currently recruiting active, mature and skilled T4 players who are interested in exploring and excelling in both the RVR and PVE aspects Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

Submit an application via the forum if you wish to join our elite band of warriors, you can access the forum after signing up to the website.

Please use the forum and website responsibly and we look forward to seeing you in game soon... bring on the WAAAGH!

Xzi & Snikkit


HoB Update 2/11/2009

Xzi_HoB, Nov 6, 09 11:35 AM.

Key notes from Guild Meeting

  • Grats on guild rank 36 and 150mil+ renown - just 1 rank from speedy mounts!

  • New guild crest system - When in guild only groups and warbands rr60+ members to only need on Warlord & Royal crests, members below rr60 to only need on Conqueror & Invader crests... also just as important to start greeding again once you complete the sets in your bracket.
  • Required addons - Calling, Target Ring, Guild Warden & Follow my Lead - Download and install them NOW Muahahahahaha!

  • Guild schedule - Updated and more defined guild schedule, officer led events starting every evening at 7GMT (8CET) - Warbands Tues, Weds, Fri & Sat, PvE Sun/Mon, guild premades on Thurs. We look forward to people embracing the schedule and joining in with whatever is happing each evening.
  • Unscheduled events - Use forums to pose ideas for events, ask officers to create events you would like to see in guild calendar, make sure you pick suitable times (ie. not between 7-11pm GMT)
  • Use of the website - USE IT MOAR! A reminder to guildies to check the website at least every couple of days, a lot of our important info gets posted here b4 it gets mentioned in game.
  • Guild bank - Tab 1 = Free for all pots etc. Tab2/3 = Talis and Gear which can be requested from any officer. Tab 4 = Endgame talis and gear (due to short supply talis are restricted for DP/WL and other high level gear sets)
  • Guild ranks - New rank of Praetorian, awarded to members who show an excellent attitude, longstanding members, those who are highly active/entusiastic/helpful and guys that regularly contribute to the website
  • Guild limitations - yes we're only human and have limitations... although we hope not too many! However plz do be aware that no matter how hard we try we can't please all the people all of the time... So bare with us as we try to please the majority of people as much of the time as possible.
  • Any other business - Set groups: we do not have a problem with people creating set groups for dungeons, however we do ask that you start dungeons within the times allocated in the shedule (Sun/Mon) and plz let officers know who is in the group.
  • There is already a set(ish) progression group running VL aiming to clear the dungeons and learn all the fights, once this has been achieved that group will split to help other groups clear the dungeon. (Xzi has already split from this group to try to aid people in clearing at least the first 4-5 bosses)
  • Guild website: We are planning to recreate the guild website away from the gamerdna platform, if anyone is able and keen to help with this please get in touch with an officer

Well that about covers it, thx to all those that attended. See you all in December for the next one!

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