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Spoolys top 3 websites.
Dec 9, 08 7:22 AM
Dec 9, 08 6:59 AM
Nov 14, 08 4:12 PM
Wrath of the Lich King!
Nov 12, 08 8:19 AM
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Welcome guys!

Welcome to Catastrophe's new guild website. This is going to take a while to get up and running but lets try this out.

This is Catastrophe, a Guild on alliance side on the server Shandris. We are a tightly knit guild that try to work together and accomplish end game content.

Note: We now can use the forums. So Use them, Post what prof's you have and stuff you can make. People can't always be on woiw at work but then can check the site sometimes.

Also, I will be hping to impliment the sign up on the site if you want to do  a raid, We will have raids set up in the event secton (to the right) and i will try to make it possible for you to sign up for them. Good Luck and Have fun.
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Spoolys top 3 websites.

-Flay-, Dec 9, 08 7:22 AM.
Spooly's top information sites! This is by far one of my favorite websites right now, It is composed by a few players like you and I who write articals about in game tips and tricks, They also have a pod cast that you post your questions and they answer them! I had my question answered... IM FAMOUS!

Podcast 7: They answered a warrior tank question and a palladin tank question in the same podcast. Essencially they want us warrior tanks to get
540 defence,
Lots of health,
Lots of armor.

at 540 defence rating you are un critable, and right now avoidance is not extremely usefull, because there is no end bosses 4 levels higher than you then you can't receive a crushable blow, at 25 mans how ever it will be important to start getting avoidance but for the next couple months to go you want armor and health.

The pally question starts at 25:40
my warrior question starts at 15:11

2. this is a great site if you want to read up on faction grinds, they also have a forum set up where you can post questions.

3. This is a good website if you are looking to read up on armor stats and loot tables.

Thats all for now!

and remember Catastrophe.


-Flay-, Dec 9, 08 6:59 AM.
Alright guys, since WotLK has been out for several months now and we are attacking with a few 80s we should look at our professions! Echoheart, Glanduil, and Spooly are able to now make TitanSteel bars, However right now we are piling our resources to get our tanks geared, Sheild and helms are going to start to be pushed out since we have almost 4 blacksmiths who can make them, Lourrannix will be able to make TitanSteel soon aswell so we should potentially be able to make one sheild a day.

Now since i really am working on BlackSmithing, because Blacksmithing isn't the only gear that needs to be ready so we can raid Naxx soon please start working together on getting every one geared. Please contact Spooly via in game mail or post in the forums. We have the people to make ourselves pro-active, we can gear our selves and gear other guilds for some nice cash.

Edit: Lourannix and Leo can do titan steel now. Hurray!

-Flay-, Nov 14, 08 4:12 PM.
I would like to /congrats all those who have already hit level 71, That is awesome! I hope to get to quest with most of you during this leveling time! GL

Wrath of the Lich King!

-Flay-, Nov 12, 08 8:19 AM.
Grab your shield and Sword and lets venture in to Northrend as a team and get to 80 as fast aswe possibly can.  We want to experiance END GAME content this time. I know i know we did experiance some of it in tBC but we started late in the game! Lets do this!

And remember Lets create CATASTROPHE!
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