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Knights of Arcania

Guild Raid Follow-Up
Mar 9, 10 12:20 PM
Guild site makeover
Feb 24, 10 12:19 AM
Another Day of Server Gorgo-crash
Jan 9, 09 1:50 PM
(notso) WOW tuesday
Dec 2, 08 11:13 AM

Welcome to Knights of Arcania!

Please go to the Registration Information Forum for instruction on registering.

The guild website is "Under Construction" at the moment.  Feel free to register and add any forums or comments.  In the forums there are Class Specific threads that you may post to about your class for recommendations to others and to learn from others.

Officers Needed!!!  For more information:

Please go the Officer Application forum for detailed instructions.

Currently, the guild is in need of the following officer ranks:

THREE (3) Lieutenants

TWO (2) Generals

(Please read the section below "Promotions & Rank" to find the info on guild ranks)

Guild Information

To the LEFT of this "Welcome" section is a widget titled "Information" - Please take the time to read both of these as they contain useful information.  Also, this information will help when recruiting new guild members so you'll have answers to any questions (or direct new potential guild members to this website and link).

Guild Information:  This section includes detailed information about the guild and the path the guild is going to take.  A summary of the three branches of the guild.  Instead of being just ONE like most guilds, Knights of Arcania has decided to take on the role of the three most common guild types:  "Leveling Guild", "Raiding Guild", "PvP Guild"

Promotions & Ranks:  This section includes information about the guild ranks, the "privileges" and abilities of each rank, and how to go about getting promoted.

Other Guild News

Guild Raid Follow-Up

TalisKoA, Mar 9, 10 12:20 PM.
Guild raid scheduled for today.  Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Guild site makeover

Shell4vr, Feb 24, 10 12:19 AM.
I must say Talis(GM) did an awesome job giving the guild site a makeover. Looks better than ever. Good job Talis!

Another Day of Server Gorgo-crash

TalisKoA, Jan 9, 09 1:50 PM.
Yet again, Blizzard gets another day of free money.  I petition that we should get paid back a day worth of play time for every day they have the servers crash and they stay off line without even saying, "Hey, our servers suck!"  Anyway, I'm just looking for an excuse to post that the game is down and only a handful of servers are actually up.  But, authentication servers are down too, so we can't even get on the few that are working.  Cheers!

(notso) WOW tuesday

540054959_Inactive, Dec 2, 08 11:13 AM.
Once again WOW is extending 'maintenance' for 2 more hours.  I wonder how much total time between all the subscribers to WOW they keep for themselves every tuesday in the name of maintenance!

Anyone else noticing the massive lag in Dalaran?
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