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Sacred Legion is regrouping!

Ypoulos, Jun 13, 09 6:06 AM.
When summer ends most of our old members are coming back/active again and we will start raiding! We allready started invites and rebuilded the guild.

If there is someone not informed and you know him, inform him :)

We are waiting all of you back on September to kick some ass!

Ofcourse you can join earlier if you like.(So we can clear the 10man hard modes)

Sartharion10 +3D Rambo Kill :D

Ypoulos, Apr 10, 09 7:19 PM.
We are the 64th guild in the world that did a fast sarth10 +3D fast kill, together with Illusion.

Plague Proto Drakes x2

Indorilftw, Mar 1, 09 3:41 PM.
2x Plague Proto Drakes, gz Ypoulos and Indorill !!

Thanks to all that helped too!

Sartharion10 +3drakes DOWN

Ypoulos, Feb 5, 09 6:38 PM.
-Of the Nightfall !!

Sartharion25 + 3 Drakes down!

Ypoulos, Jan 29, 09 9:05 PM.
-Hail to the Twilight Vanquishers!
-After some nice tries,patience and an after midnight raid we finally did it!

Malygos25 Down!

Ypoulos, Dec 29, 08 10:49 AM.
-Eye of Eternity(Heroic) clear finally!
-All end game material cleared, blizzard give us more!

Gratz to everyone that participated on the raids! Time to farm epics so we are ready for the upcoming instances!

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