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Deck of Cards
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What we are seeking

Lûcky, Jan 31, 10 2:50 PM.
                                                                       <Deck of Cards> 
        Is working Heroic mode fights in ICC. We are looking for Resto or Range Shaman and Holy Pallies.  We are no longer accepting random recruits or non 80's. We raid tues-thurs 9pm server time and weekends. Currently run 1 Core and 2 Progression 10's and 1 25 man ICC group. I am always seeking experienced gamers to join our ranks and of course all are welcome.  You must be 17+ to join guild. <DoC> operates year round and focus is endgame , PvP and RP.  
        I am very pleased at our progress in ICC and encourage our core 10 not to forget the lower end raids as well for they keep us sharp and working together as a team.
        I am noticing not everyone is using vent. This is a no brainer.  Vent is part of WoW and a requirement for raiders.  As not all are comfortable using vent it is not required for guild membership. However ALL of our Clan Meetings are conducted over vent and non-members are encouraged to attend Monday or Wednesday nights 8:30pm server SW Keep Petitioners Chambers.
        To evoke the "family" or "Country Club" feel in this guild it is essential to connect through vent with others.  You WILL NOT be allowed to raid without vent.
                                                                    Thank You and Stay Safe,

The DoC Wants You !

Lûcky, Sep 29, 09 7:03 PM.
                                                                   <Deck of Cards> 
  We are currently accepting member applications for our 10 and 25 man raids as well as forming up our 3's and 5's teams.

  Are you sick of pugging? Do you have the gear and the lust for glory? Are you tired of all the kiddies and failsters that plague the realm? Do you work during the day and enjoy relaxing and raiding or arena during the evening or late hours when no one appears to be online? If so you may enjoy our guild.  Please apply for gear check and interview with myself or any officer online today!
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