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Naruto-Arena News

540022267_Inactive, Nov 3, 08 9:22 AM.
A matter of snakes, foxes, and logs
Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 05:52 by Luapman

The next batch of characters from Shippuuden are here! Say hello to Yamato, Four Tails, and Orochimaru (S).  All three require you to finish their respective missions to be used.

Yamato (S) is a member of ANBU whose real name is unknown. Given the code name Yamato by Tsunade for this mission, he is tasked to lead Team 7 while Kakashi recovers.


Orochimaru returns, strong as ever and with some new tricks up his sleeve. But his body seems to be on borrowed time.


Naruto, after giving into his rage and manifesting a fourth tail ceases to be himself. In this state Naruto becomes a mindless being of rage and destruction but the price is his own life.


OK. Balance Change 11/16/08:
Nerfs: Kin
Boosts: Zabuza, Shigure, Yoroi


This is the updates from N-A. I will post the updates here every time there are new updates.

11/07/08 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Yoroi, Shigure, and Zabuza (minor corrections to slight over-nerfs)


Sizable "Down-Tuning" Balance Update
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 08:01 by Luapman
Basically this is a scale back of power-creep on some characters. There are significantly more characters in the 49-47% range of wins than the 52-55% range. As such, minor nerfs to these higher characters is much more in order than minor boosts to a field of characters over twice as large.

Characters with 52% or higher win rates that were nerfed:
Nidaime, Jiraiya, Yoroi, Gai, Itachi Body Double, Kurenai, Kakashi, Zabuza, Tsunade, Shigure, Kiba, Shizune.

LuapmanKazekage, Kabuto, and Sai! Oh My!
Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 06:20 by Luapman
10/26/08 Balance Update:
Rework: Kabuto (due to an unresolvable glitch)
Boosts: Shigure, Kisame Body Double, Sai

10/22/08 Balance Update:
Nerfs: Kazekage Gaara
Boosts: Kabuto, Sasori

Get it? It ryhmes!

Anyways, without further ado I present the next two Shippuuden characters here at Naruto-Arena.

Kazekage Gaara:
After a few sort years and much soul-searching, Gaara has risen to be his village's Kazekage. Rather than destroying others he now protects those he cares about to prove his existence.

A current member of the elite ANBU Root, Sai is an unparalleled artist who uses chakra to bring his images to life.

Also Kabuto has seen a major change to both Mystical Palm Technique and Secret Healing Wound Destruction. Be sure to check out his skills.


Chakra Exchange System Proposal B Accepted
Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 05:06 by gametester

10/13/08 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Kabuto

10/11/08 Balance Changes:
Reworks: Yoroi, Kabuto

10/5/08 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Kisame Body Double, Kin

10/4/08 Balance Changes:
Nerfs: Kankuro, Kidoumaru

10/3/08 Balance Changes:
Nerfs: Kabuto, Orochimaru

9/24/08 Mission Changes:
The search for Sakon
The search for Tayuya
The Sound amongst the Leaves
A genius of ranged combat
(If you run into a bug, just win an other battle with the mission requiremnts. This should fix it.)

9/20/08 Balance Change:
Boosts: Neji (S)
Nerfs: Sasori

The chakra exchange system is released!

Give your opinion and vote in this topic.

Hi players,

Here are the votes for the chakra system proposals:
Proposal A (3 of a kind for 1 specific) (473) (30%)
Proposal B (5 random for 1 specific) (856) (55%)
None of both! (239) (15%)

Since we do don't think we will have any major balance issues because of the change we are going to test it the coming day(s) on all game types (private, quick and ladder). We will implement the system in the next hour. If you are currently playing it is wise to check the news after every match. If this newspost says its released you have to refresh your game in order to see the chakra exchange option.

We will soon make a topic where you can vote if you like the change or not.
Furthermore a minor change in the engine has changed a problem with Tree Bind Death. The skill now works whenever a character uses a skill (instead of when a skill would be successffull).

Good luck!

Chakra Exchange Proposal B
Monday, September 15, 2008 at 17:28 by gametester
9/17/08 Balance Changes:
(Note: Blame Mark and GT for this, they made me do it! I'm 100% innocent!)
Boosts: Cursed Seal Sasuke (Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu)
Nerfs: Sakon, Cursed Seal Sasuke (Corrupt Chidori), Kisame Body Double

So far the opinion of the community about a chakra exchange system has not been bad. We only see 20% of the players voting against it.

Me and mark reviewed our proposal (Proposal A) and we came to a second proposal (Proposal B): The chakra exchange system would allow players to exchange 5 random chakra for one chakra of the type of their choice.

I will try to explain what the reasoning is behind Proposal B:
Let's say you need 1 taijutsu and you have a chakra equal to 3-0-0-0. With this chakra you would be able to exchange. Meaning, you can exchange already with a minimum of 3 chakra.

Now let's say you need that 1 taijutsu and you have a chakra equal to 2-2-2-0. With this chakra you will still not be able to exchange chakra even though you have 6 chakra. The 7th chakra will always give you that one taijutsu, since you will either get the taijutsu directly, or you will exchange the chakra type which just reached an the needed amount of 3.

Overall, the minimum amount of (random) chakra would be 3; the maximum would be 7.

Now: why not balance this to 5 random chakra instead. Which is exactly between the 3 and 7. It would reduce luck and still be as balanced as proposal A.

When there are no strong arguments against the proposals, we will test the proposal in Private games for a couple days. Please note that the chakra would be instantly exchanged (you do not have to wait a turn till you have this 'choosen' chakra). We also plan on exchanging only one chakra per turn.

We opened a topic HERE, where you can vote for Proposal A, proposal B, or vote against both of the proposals. We are looking forward for your opinions.

Thanks in advance,

Chakra Exchange
Monday, September 15, 2008 at 06:45 by Mark
Chakra distribution has always been a huge item in Naruto-Arena; the whole game revolves around it. Creating a good team that works well with chakra has always been a great challenge, but sometimes the chakra simply doesn’t seem to work with you.

That is why we’ve been toying with the idea of adding a chakra exchange system to the game. This option would allow players to exchange 3 chakra of the SAME TYPE for one chakra of the type of their choice.

This option will help players that get really bad chakra in a game, and also speed up the end game when only one character is left.

We would like to hear your opinion about this new system. Post your thoughts in this topic, and be sure to vote in the poll.

The Naruto-Arena Staff

Clan Ladder Live!
Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 09:44 by gametester

9/13 Balance Update:
Boosts: Kankuro
Nerfs: Kisame Body Double
(these should be the last until next character release)

Yo players,

After 2 years we finally have a clan ladder with clan system. Over the past week(s) we gave clans the opportunity to invite their members. The clan ladder is now officially released! Clans can finally compete to determine which clan is the strongest on Naruto-Arena.

In the ladders page you will find the clan ranking of the top 1000 clans. In the profiles of the players you will find information about the player's clan. In the clan profiles you will get all information about the clan, including their statistics. After you finish a ladder game you will be noticed about how much experience you have gained/lost for the clan.

Every clan has its own clan experience, level and win/loss ratio. Resetting an account of a member has no influence on a clan's statistics. The higher your personal ladder level is, the more points you can gain/loose for your clan. Additionally, the amount of experience a clan loses from a loss depends on the level of the clan. Higher level clans will loose more experience from a loss. Also note that players which have a rank based on trial member do not count for the clanladder.That's about all the details i can give you for now. 

Go check everything out and have a great clan experience!

Note that we will soon add a clan basics section which explains more about the ladder, and management of a clan. We also might add a clan reset option to reset the clan statistics. The Clan ladder can be discussed here.

It's time for me to fight along with Mark and Luapman to kick your asses for the sake of the Admin Clan :).

Good luck!

Top 10 Ladder

Top 10 Most Wins

Top 10 Winstreak

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