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Anxiety Atom
Welcome to the Anxiety Atom website!

First, I'd like to thank you for joining Anxiety Atom! Second, I'd like all members to keep a close watch on the News for information about guild events. News to be posted includes: Member promotions, GvG victories, and Accomplishments of individual members.

In Anxiety Atom, our goal is to become a solid GvG guild. This means that we will need good members that will stick with us and are willing to work as a team. This may mean creating a PvP Only character to comply with a team strategy we're implying.

Just to answer the question that I KNOW will be coming: "What the hell is Anxiety Atom?" The answer is: I don't have any idea. Our name is courtesy of Band Name Maker.


Guild hall is now open for business! :)

540020454_Inactive, Nov 1, 08 11:35 PM.
Finally farmed up the gold (after lending a former member 7k for a run...) for a hall! Thanks goes to Gui Tarist [ATOM] and Makita The Bold [KING] for their donations. I will now be adding NPCs to the guild hall over time. The hall of choice is Warrior's Isle.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

540020454_Inactive, Nov 1, 08 11:23 PM.
The website is up! :)
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