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Welcome to the Avarice Guild Website!

Avarice was created just before the release of The Wrath of Lich King Expansion.  The guild is ran by two real life friends, who have spent most of their years on WoW playing together.  After running with numerous guilds that fell apart eventually, they decided it was time to run their own guild.  Avarice plans on clearing all the content of Northrend in due time.
Other Guild News

Avarice completes 10 man raids

Tophalicious, Dec 14, 08 6:59 PM.
December 14, 2008 marks the day Avarice completes all of the 10 man Raid Content that Wrath has to offer.  Once we get some more healers we can continue our conquest for all the raids. :D  Keep it up guys.

Avarice clears 25 man Sartharion with 19 people

Tophalicious, Dec 9, 08 6:59 PM.
December 09, 2008 was another great day for Avarice.  With only 19 people, Avarice cleared Sartharion and received some pretty epic loot.  Grats to everyone, let's keep on trucking.

Avarice Clears 10 man Sartharion

Tophalicious, Dec 9, 08 5:31 PM.
Another accomplishment in the books for Avarice on December 07, 2008. Keep on trucking guys.

<insert nifty dragon pic here...but we can't, cause we're nubs and forgot to take one :p>

Avarice Clears 10 man Naxx in less then one week

Tophalicious, Dec 4, 08 8:20 PM.
December 04, 2008 marks a great day for Avarice.  In only six days, not to mention only four actual days of raiding, Avarice completed Normal Naxxramas. Congratulations to everyone who received tier seven pieces and other various loot.  Here are some pics, enjoy :]

Avarice downs 7 of 15 bosses in Naxx!

Tophalicious, Nov 30, 08 5:20 PM.
The weekend began with Avarice downing a gigantic beetle in one shot...

Then ended the weekend with completing 7 of the 15 bosses of Naxxramas!

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