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Warhammer Online    
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Well lads, we've grown considerably, 'n ye couldn't 'ope fer a better bunch ah scallywags ter stand next teh ye when battlin' the forces of chaos 'n destruction... So, though we still 'ave 'n open recruitment policy, it's only members of Trapper rank 'n above that can get yer invited teh the guild.

We are particularly lookin' fer elfs: swordmasters 'n archmages would be 'elpful.

So come on, dunt ye be shy, Rat Catchers is a great guild filled wiff a great bunch a people. If yer lookin' teh find some good quality travelin' companions then yer welcome teh come along fer the squishin!
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Let's get pissed!
Dec 21, 08 2:53 AM
Mount Gunbad aint all dat bad!
Nov 21, 08 7:09 PM
Looking forwords!
Nov 11, 08 1:49 AM
Nov 8, 08 5:30 AM
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