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Chuck Norris LS
Salvage Perks
Oct 26, 08 9:52 PM
Clarification of Goals
Oct 26, 08 9:42 PM
Know This information!
Oct 23, 08 1:08 AM
Welcome to ChuckNorris!

I would like everyone to put as their 1st job, the one they want nyzul gear for. This will be the only gear you can lot until you have the full set. As your second job, put in the second job you would like to get gear for. This will be the gear you can lot once you have all the pieces for your first set. It does not matter what lvl the job is, you only get to lot for one gear set at a time. This will take a long time, and even head pieces are the same. We will run multiple times to make sure everyone gets a full set. If you lose a lot for a floor 80 piece, we won't run 80 floors before you get another shot. All items are free lot among people who are eligible to lot on that set. All ??? items are lotted, and will be appraised at the end of the run by the person who picks it up. There will be no favorites, no leader pulling "me firsts." Most of us have been robbed by some endgame shell or another at some point, so there will be 0 tolerance for that.

Armor: Every 20th floor has an HNM that drops a certain slot, but any set. We will run those floors every run until everyone has a piece. If there is a drop that is not in a set someone is signed up for, it will be free lot. This will not count as your drop, but will be noted for future reference.
Some people will feel that they deserve an item more than others do. That is fine but you will still free lot. If you don't like it leave and not get the armor.

Weapons: Base mythic weapons drop from any HNM, and it will be the weapon of the job for the band holder. This person has a right to the weap, and the right to give the lot to anyone they choose. Ultimately, since everyone is getting floor 100, everyone will get at least one weap for sure. On floor 100, 2 weaps will drop.; the band holder, and one random. This random is free lot.

Tokens: Tokens are awarded in Nyzul instead of AP. It also costs tokens to get in, so we will rotate. I will have a token schedule up shortly in the FORUM. The person paying, however, will get more tokens because they will get armband. Like with any Assault, armband cost a couple ISP. Bear in mind that Mythic will require you have 150k tokens. We will get that many, but it is not my fault if you spend them all. To give you an idea of token gain, a theoretical trip from 1-100 will net you about 20k tokens. Roughly 750 floors, or 150 successful runs, will be a net of 150k. If we lose, the person who spent the tokens are just out those tokens, so be a pal and dont lose on my run. Token spender, disc user, armband holder are all the same person. As long as all discs are recorded to the same floor as the token user, we will all get the progress recorded. Note that after floor 50, the person paying tokens loses a few tokens on win as opposed to gaining.

Skype: Everyone has to use Skype during runs. People spend hundreds of $$ buying gil to cheat, so we can spend a few bucks on a mic. If you are playing on a console, you can still use Skype! Get a wireless mic, be near a PC, or use your laptop. Don't try to tell me you don't have a PC, bullshit. Timing is key on these runs and we need to communicate without taking our hands off the controls.

Timer: There is a timer on the page. Its easy to set up. When it hits 0, it is over. We have that long to finish. You do not have to time it because I will, but for those who want to keep track as well, there it is. We will suck at first I promise. Don't be discouraged, we have to learn.

Progress: There is a section in the FORUM showing progress of members. If it is innaccurate I have not updated it, but I will. If it is still wrong send me a /tell. Do not disagree on Skype or in ls chat. Please use /tell. NO FIGHTING.


Salvage Perks

Slackerx-FFXI, Oct 26, 08 9:52 PM.
The LS will run a Synthesis Service for members. In order to save gil for our people, items needed to create Salvage armor can be made by our members at request for a fee of 100k per item, refunded only in case of failure. Synthers will be 100+, so it is not our fault if it fails. You must bring the synth items.

ChuckNorris is recruiting members to fill these positions in the following crafts:

Woodworking, Clothcraft

If you want to have the spot, send a tell to Slackerx.

Clarification of Goals

Slackerx-FFXI, Oct 26, 08 9:42 PM.
The purpose of this static is to obtain fully upgraded Mythic Weapons for the members. The Nyzul Isle Gear obtained in the process is a happy side effect. People who are invited after the Nyzul section of the static will not be included in this plan. They will be members of the Salvage Shell, and you will all be sacks. During Salvage, members will all be able to lot gear pieces, including us, however alexandrites will be divided among sacks. This is similar to currency in Dynamis.

Be not misinformed, gear is nice but this is about having the best. If you do not know the stats of the Mythic for your job, there is a link to that information here.

Know This information!

Slackerx-FFXI, Oct 23, 08 1:08 AM.
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