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DivineValor Dynamis/Endgame Linkshell

 Yep you know it, we have returned!! After 7 months of being hacked and working to get our account back, me(Raigon) and Robzombie have returned! It is so great to see all of our old friends again and I want to personally thank all of you that are still standing by our side!

Dynamis: Yep we are doing it again! We ran our first dynamis… well first dynamis after 7 months on November 11th! To this day, we are still undefeated within dynamis.

Run times will be:
Tuedays @ 8pm
cst(gather 7:30pm cst
Saturdays @ 6pm cst(gather 5:30pm cst)

As of right now, we are still recruiting for a few positions for our dynamis crew. I am really looking for people with full access now or atleast Beaucedine access if possible. If you do not have full access yet, please don't be afraid to apply still. I will consider people without it so don't hesitate to apply  HERE 

Endgame: We will be forming our endgame ls simultaneously for the most part with the dynamis ls. Anyone that joins dynamis with us are more than welcome to join us in normal endgame activities of course and the other way around too as always. We will be planning assaults, ZNM, sky, limbus, etc etc etc and your random mini-hnm. J Basically the faster DV grows, the quicker we get to the big stuff(HNM and such).

Sky: We started sky on the 8th and it went incredible. Run times are as follows:

Thursday: 6pm cst
Sunday: 7pm cst

Gather time is 30 mins prior to the run in sky. If you are interested in joining our sky ls, please check the forums for the applications and rules section. Thanks!

Einherjar: Speaking with Ionve about getting this going soon... speak with me or him if you are interested.

Just waiting for a handful of people to finish COP and we will move on. :)

I know that many people may doubt our success due to the fact that we had to rebuild, however… I built the ls previously from scratch and we were more than successful so I can guarantee that we will become extremely successful again. That plus the fact that we have a strong number of people that still stand behind us and DV. 

Please check our forums if you have any questions! Thank you and see you all around!


Dynamis - Saturday Cancelled

Raigon82, Jan 15, 09 10:11 AM.
Well I apologize for this guys but we will not be in town this Saturday night for dynamis so we must cancel it. We have some family issues to resolve then we should be good to go on Tuesday. Tuesday we will start again with Beaucedine so make sure you show up! :)

Take this time now to get a few things done if you can. For instance... anyone that has missed the 100000 zilart runs I have done should maybe get sky access? I won't be doing any more ZM runs either... sorry I can't do everything for people. ;; Anyways... see you all in game for sky tonight and then I will have quite a bit of time off before Sunday so if I don't see you tonight, I should see you all Sunday! ^^

Dynamis Weekly Update

Raigon82, Jan 13, 09 3:21 PM.
Another week of dynamis goes by and another week closer to outlands we get. :)

Grats to everyone on the drops over the past week and the clearance of course hehe. Thank God we are done with 2 full runs of Windy! See you all tonight for jeuno!

Tuesday - 01-06 Drops
1-6DynamisDrops.jpg picture by mrbignbald

Saturday - 01-10 Drops

1-10DynamisDrops.jpg picture by mrbignbald

And grats to Ionve on war AF2... sorry I missed the screenshot. ;;

01/06/2009 Weekly Update

Raigon82, Jan 6, 09 1:06 PM.

Well it's been a bit since I updated the news with some accomplishments so here is a breakdown of the last week. :)

Grats to all once again on the dynamis wins and AF drops!

12-30 Dynamis - Basty

Drops12-30.jpg picture by mrbignbald

01-03 Dynamis - Sandy

Drops1-03.jpg picture by mrbignbald
Also grats to Rencer on War and Robzombie on Rng. Sorry I missed the pics! ;;

Also for today.. there is a chance that we will either cancel dynamis complete or maybe even try to low-man Xarcabard if it's free. Of course, if enough people show up, we will just do Windy like planned but we have alot of users that are still having issues logging in currently for whatever reason. Anyways.. I will find out this evening around gather time what is going on. Thanks!

Sky Announced!

Raigon82, Dec 29, 08 1:21 PM.
Sky has been announced! I told you it was coming so here it is! I hope the run times fit most peoples schedules. EDIT: I have decided that we will begin sky on the 8th of January @ 6pm cst. I will start recruiting for this asap but ideally, I want to see how many people we get from our ls first and if any changes to the schedule need to be made, I will consider them.

Run Times:

Thursday - 6pm cst

Sunday - 7pm cst

Please view the forums to apply and check the rules. Also if you are a currenct member of DV, please post and let me know you can attend. I am kinda going into this blindly and we will build off the core people that show up. :) Thanks!!

Current Dynamis Review and Upcomming Events

Raigon82, Dec 26, 08 8:57 AM.
Ok first off, I need all members to check the topic below and read please. This is just a breakdown of improvement areas that we need to focus on as a whole.

Dynamis Strat Review - Click Here

Also, I need members to start working on COP and Zilart storylines if you are not already. Below is the following requirements for events:

Dynamis Valkurm/Qufim/Buburimu/Tavnazia - COP 3.5+

Sky - Zilart 13

Limbus - COP 8 

I would be more than willing to help with these... not so much Zilart but I can if need be. All of Zilart is duoable but easily triod. If you want to post in the forums for what you need help with, we can arrange it. Also for COP, I would like to have members focusing on this and even other missions on the weekend possibly. As of now, my availability will allow for me to assist you if you can plan accordingly. Talk with members, find a few more that need the missions and lets get them done please.

Upcomming Events:

- Dynamis as usual

- R.Pump run on the 4th. @ 6pm cst. If you need this, it would be nice to know how many we have that need/want to attend so please post in the forums or let me know ingame.

Right now my plans are to start sky in no more than 2-3 weeks. Once I know this damn schedule coming out, the date will be posted for startup as well as a new section in the forums dedicated to sky only. We will spend 6ish months in sky and will hammer the hell outta it to get people the gear they want and then move on. Also, we will do a merc system for ls members in sky as well... meaning that we will be killing with their pop sets and allowing them one item that drops, while giving the rest of the gear to ls members. This is to speed the sky process up and save time for farming. Of course it is not required but we can only get so many pop sets at a time so it will only help. Check the forums soon for further details but this will be one of the options available for all ls members.

After we start sky, limbus will come right after... probably 2 weeks in or so.

After limbus, Einherjar will start... about 2 weeks or so after.

We have HUGE plans coming up and will be incredibly active so I have also planned on moving the endgame part of DV over to a different linkshell in order to seperate some of the lower level people and social only members from all the action/spam of our activities. :D It will also help me keep track of attendance since there is no other reason to be in endgame unless you are attending of course. This will more than likely hit us this Saturday or Tuesday.

Anyways, sorry for the novel! Hope everyone has a great New Year and I will see you all ingame!!! Thanks for everything you all do!
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