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Library : Party/Raid Loot Rules

Last Updated 8/26/2005 12:01 PM
Times Read 111

  1. Bind on Equip Uncommons (Green) - Everyone Rolls
  2. Bind on Pickup Uncommons (Green) - Everyone Passes, anyone who can use the item immediately should /random 100. If nobody can use or wants the item, everyone can Greed Roll (/random 100) and vendor the item. Alternatively, if an enchanter is present and the other party member consent, the enchanter can disenchant the item and everyone can /random 100 for the dust or shard.
  3. Bind on Equip Rares (Blue) - Each member is entitled to one Rare per instance. Everyone should pass the default roll unless you want this to be your one Rare loot. If nobody claims the item, a Guild Officer should claim the item for the guild vault.
  4. Bind on Pickup Rares (Blue) - If a party member can use the item immediately, they should roll. If there is nobody who needs the item immediately, the party should Greed Roll for the item or an enchanter can disenchant and the party can roll for the component.
  5. Class Armor Sets - Anyone who requires a set piece that dropped should Roll. Everyone is permitted one set piece per instance unless they are the only representative of their class in that party/raid. If a set piece drops that nobody can use, Greed Roll.
  6. Epic Items - Only people who can use the Epic immediately should roll on it. Everyone is allowed one Epic drop per instance. If everyone has collected their epic drops, a guild Officer should collect Bind on Equip Epics for the guild vault. Bind on Pickup Epics should be Greed Rolled or Disenchanted.


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