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Guild Information
Welcome to Chaos Rayne!

We are a brand new guild formed for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.  We have a Ventrilo server for members and will be adding premium features to this site.  We would appreciate any guild members who wish to help pay for these services.  If you would like to give a monthly donation of $1.00 to help pay for the Ventrilo server and this website, please follow the link below to subscribe via paypal.  This is optional, but it would help us out a lot. 

Support the guild!

If you are near Wichita, KS, check out LAN Lordz for all your LAN Party pwnage needs.
Guild News

Great night of WAR!

Zigian, Nov 16, 08 8:33 PM.
Holy Cow!!!

Chaos Rayne's Ezwider with 101k heals in Mourkain Temple!  At Rank 15 no less.  Amazing to say the least.


Zigian, Nov 5, 08 4:15 PM.

You may have noticed when you logged in that Ulthuan has been flagged as a low population server.  The Chaos Rayne guild is going to make Red Eye Mountain their new home starting Monday Nov. 10th.

To maintain your membership to Chaos Rayne, you will need to move your characters over to the new server and either pst Tankzig in game or message Zigian on this website.  Thank you.

Guild Rank 6!

Zigian, Nov 3, 08 6:02 AM.
The Chaos Rayne guild made Rank 6 over the weekend.  We are leveling up so quickly that I am falling behind on guild duties, heh.  With Rank 6 we gain entry into the Viper's Pit, can form an alliance, and get another tactic point.  I will be assigning standard bearers and purchasing guild tactics this week.  If you have suggestions, send me a tell in game or a message through the site.   Great job everyone and thank you for your hard work.

With the help of a few guildies over the weekend, we were able to take several battlefield objectives.  Let's keep that aspect up and capture a keep soon.  Take care all and we'll see ya on the battlefields.

Guild Rank 5!

Zigian, Oct 29, 08 12:11 PM.
We are definitely on cruise control.  Let's keep up the leveling guildies.  We reached Rank 5 last night.  GREAT JOB.  We can now have battle standards and standard bearers.  I'm going to have to do some research before these are appointed, along with our guild tactics.  At this point, there is no way to refund them once they are spent so I want to be sure before making the decision.  Great job again guys.

Guild Rank 4!

Zigian, Oct 26, 08 7:26 AM.
Great job guildies on pushing us past Rank 4.  The guild vault is now open to guildies with MEMBER status.  To get member status, you must register on the website.  We'd also appreciate it if you joined in ventrilo.  It's usually a party up in there.  Keep up the good work all and I'll catch you in game.

Before using the vault, please read the vault rules.
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