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Nov 11, 08 2:57 PM
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Oct 27, 08 11:27 AM

Welcome to House Naudriach

House Naudriach is a Warhammer Online Role-playing Destruction guild on the Ostermark Server.

We are a guild of active, friendly and easy going gamers, focusing on medium to heavy role-playing as well as the RVR and PVE aspects of the game. We
are very focused on the fact that Warhammer Online is a game that people play in their sparetime to enjoy themselves and as such, we intend to make
sure everyone is having free hands to do what they like to do best in game, and generally just have a nice time while being with House Naudraich.

If you'd like to know more about House Naudraich, feel free to browse through our forum. You can find both IC and OOC information
as well as House Rules, in the "Guild information" section. If you want to join us go to the "Join House Naudriach" section. Just make
sure that you have read and agree to the rules in Guild Information, before making your application.

Even though House Naudraich was originally founded by Dark Elves, it's a guild open to all races and classes of Destruction. 
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