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Due to the server migration we are going to try to move our guild as a whole rather then risk being split up and moved to other servers when and if Mythic decides to close Sea of Claws.  Many of the guilds from our servers met and decided to transfer to Monolith.  So please transfer your character(s) to Monolith and send Angellica, Alsethalar, Siwan, Kenneth, Shandrill, or Xozan a tell and we'll add you to the guild.

Welcome to the Wyvern Legion!

(WAR Server: Monolith)

Do you like making orcs beg for mercy? Do you like hearing the sqeal of a fleeing goblin when their pet squig has been skewered? Do you dream of seeing the flag of a united Order flying high over a captured enemy's keep?

Is your response "Yes, of course!"?  

Well, what are you waiting for! Come join the cause and be part of the Wyvern Legion.

Wyvern Legion... We aim to show Destruction that they are not the only ones who can be organized and employ effective strategy.

Currently, we are a small group of mature, experienced MMOG players seeking to recruit like minded individuals to swell our ranks.

 Tidbits about us:

  • All members are required to be at least be logged in to our Teamspeak server but are not obligated to respond via voicechat.
  • At the present our members are mostly on (but definitely not restricted to) a MST based evening schedule.

If you are interested in joining us please either

  • contact Angellica (the GL), Xozan, Siwan, Kenneth, Alsethelar or Shandrill in-game, or
  • apply via our web site (registering a new account for Guild Portal from our web site automatically presents you the application).

Wyvern Legion... we not only look prettier than the enemy, we smell better too!

Information about wyverns.


Wyvern Legion has achieved guild level 5!

Darkspe||, Oct 24, 08 8:49 PM.

Tier 3 scenarios have been added to the scenario tactics forum

Darkspe||, Oct 24, 08 7:57 AM.

Wyvern Legion has achieved guild level 4!

Darkspe||, Oct 20, 08 4:59 PM.

Wyvern Legion has achieved guild level 3

Darkspe||, Oct 14, 08 7:07 PM.
Keep it up!

Wyvern Legion has achieved guild level 2

Darkspe||, Oct 12, 08 8:37 AM.
Congratulations everyone!
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