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Ay-up guv'ner! Welcome to The Funny Papers, the offical newsletter of The Last Laugh! We are a medium RP RvR guild on the Chaos Wastes server of Warhammer Online.

We are right dedicated to enhancing your WAR experience with a mature guild enviroment, catering to the experienced roleplayer or helping those that wish to learn. On the gaming side, The Last Laugh features some of the sharpish RvR dedicated players of any class, with our average renown per player currently over 160,000!

If you fancy a butcher's, head to The Last Laugh Forum in our "Links" section, or you can do so by clicking here.

We look forward to putting the Destro to the pyres with you! Emperor Triumphant!

- Sister Dellamore Francesco

The Last Laugh becomes the first Order guild on Chaos Wastes to complete Warpblade Tunnels!!

539984137_Inactive, Nov 18, 08 4:32 AM.

THAT"S BLOODY FUCKING RIGHT LOVES! The Last Laugh is the first, count it, first Order guild on the Chaos Wastes server to finish Warpblade Tunnels by killing Grey Seer Quol'tik! This is a huge achievement for The Last Laugh, hopefully putting to rest any doubts lingering about us. I hope that this can help attract new members and allies and finally cement us as a top guild on Order side.

Congratulations to all! 

The Laughers sack BBB's keep, kill their guild leader!

539984137_Inactive, Nov 14, 08 10:38 PM.

Ay-up Laughers and Laugherheads, in response to a member of BLood Bath and Beyond killing a member of our guild, we have sacked their keep and killed their guild leader! We held their keep for an hour before a force of nearly 40 took it back from us, a ratio of 5 to 1. This is not the end of this fight however, and I hereby declare all members of BBB kill on sight.

Happy hunting!

Updates on The Laughers!

539984137_Inactive, Nov 13, 08 4:58 AM.
1) We have recently finished the whole of Bastion Stairs! We will be facing the Skull Lord, the wing 4 boss, sometime tomorrow night and we are confident we will end his reign of terror!

2) In one night, The Last Laugh has taken back four keeps, in Praag, Dragonwake, and Thunder Mountain! With these captures, The Emperor has bestowed upon us various titles and wonder arms and armor from the Templar Order. Soon we shall be able to journey into Sigmar's Crypts and face the growing problems in our fair city of altdorf.

3) We have recently changed our ranking system to better reflect our theme and mindset. Details on the new leadership structure can be found in the guild charter!

Beyond that, I am dead tired from keep sacking all night and into the morning, see you at the pyres soon!

The Laughers are now 8th on Order!

539984137_Inactive, Nov 6, 08 11:23 AM.

Completely stunned loves, we are in the top 10 on Order!

The Last Laugh is now ranked 13th on Order, defeats Bastion Stair Left!

539984137_Inactive, Nov 5, 08 1:07 AM.

Ay-up, I am fucking bursting at the seams with pride as The Laughers are now the 13th highest ranked guild on Order! This comes the same night we complete the left side of Bastion Stair our first time running here as a guild! We are coming into our own and have made quite a name for ourselves! Things will only become better as we gather allies to our banner and move forward into the endgame! congratulations to all of us!
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