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Winter is Coming
Guild Rankings
Oct 4, 08 1:44 PM
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Winter is Coming..

Welcome to the official page for Warhammer Age of Reckoning guild "Winter Is Coming" We are a Destruction guild based on the Open/Rp server "Chaos Wastes" We seek others who wish to lend spell and sword-arm to our cause. We hope to go as far as we can with this guild and look forward to slaying the hordes of order wherever they may manifest themselves.

Guild Rules -Please be at least 16 years of age -No moronic character names (ex: IpwndU, L33T4U...etc) -Be respectful to other guild-mates and try to help each other out whenever possible. -The chain of command will be enforced and this must be heeded in large-scale sieges/battles. (IE: Listen to your superiors at those times) - Kick Order's ass on every possible occasion.


Guild Rankings

539983108_Inactive, Oct 4, 08 1:44 PM.

Ranking System

Rank will now be based upon several things and they will all be taken into account.

-Your class level
-Your renown rank
-Your participation in keep sieges with guildmates
-Party participation with guildmates
-Social activity in the guild

Also, everyone will be expected to recruit one new guildmate per month. Thanks guys, let's continue to grow stronger and larger!

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