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Of the Night
More Players Needed
Oct 6, 08 11:12 AM
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Welcome to the proposed webpage of the "Of the Night" guild.

I'm setting this up for:
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning players, on the
  • Destruction Realm (Chaos, Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins), on the
  • Ostermark server, who play much or most of the time
  • During the late-night, overnight hours.

Ostermark being a roleplaying/core server, this will be a light-RP guild. If possible, stay in character in the /guild chat channel, but if you have to discuss something in plain game mechanics terms, do so. Just try to keep the /guild channel, like the /say and /1 channels, either in character or related directly to Warhammer.

Yes, you may have as many characters ("alts") in the guild as you like. Tzeentch knows, I'll probably end up with the full 10 myself.

Since I'm setting this up over the weekend at a science fiction convention, no, it's not registered yet, nor do I have a Ventrillo server set up yet. I'll update this message once I hit the guild registrar Sunday night.

-- Brad "InfamousBrad" Hicks

More Players Needed

InfamousBrad, Oct 6, 08 11:12 AM.
OK, I looked it up: I need five more interested players, all willing to show up at the Guild Registrar in The Inevitable City with me on the same night. Sign up on the guild (to be) forums if you're interested, or reply to this news item.
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